2016: The #YearofBudgie

Happy New Year, Budgie fans, and what a year I have in store! I have a lot of exciting announcements (and possibly a boring one or two). So let’s get right into it!

Some of you may have noticed that Valentines for Doomy is once again available on Amazon for your Kindle or Kindle app, available for download for $4.99 (check the link below this paragraph). This collection contains short stories, poetry, humor pieces, and art from a wide array of people who wanted to help out Joanna, AKA Doomy, with a little extra money. Like the early 2015 release of this tome, all profit will go directly to Jo. As will money from my previous releases, Askharoth and Desperately Seeking Shemale. This will only be available until January 31, so get it before it’s too late.

Valentines for Doomy on Amazon

More ebook news! If all goes as planned, I should have four coming out this year. That’s right… FOUR! I’m working on a new formula for getting these out, and it seems to be working well. I also had a bright idea for what I’m calling “micro ebooks” (even though there is nothing remotely micro about them).

I’ve observed how other self-published authors operate lately, posting short stories on Amazon for a small fee. I still can’t bring myself to gouge my fans for a single short story, so I am toying with the concept of short novels instead (hence the concept: micro ebook). 

The first release I am working on it the highly-anticipated Draken: Son of Drog. Those of you who have followed me for a while have seen me tease this one quite a few times. I started this project well over a year ago, and the final product is in my sights. This is a full novel (nearly an epic), and I’m hoping to have this done before February is over. I’ll be posting a preview before the release, so look for more details coming soon. 

The second project is the first of the micro ebook mentioned before. It is called Mediterrania, and it focuses on the titular merman Kingdom, its royal family, and the Prince’s harem… Mostly on the harem actually. This started out as a short story that felt way too light – even though it was the longest short story I have written. After sleeping on it, I had a long list what else this story should encompass, and I started working on a full version. I enjoyed adding more for the four mermaids of Prince Tadeas’s harem, along with the rest of the palace as it tumbles into sudden turmoil with the arrival of a Princess from Atlantis, seeking to become the bride of the Prince and future Queen of the Kingdom.

…but I’ll save the rest of the details for later. 

The third project will be one I announced when Season Six of Freedom Lane concluded with the epic finale “Paulie and Tony”. That’s right! It’s Freedom Lane The Movie!! This will also be a micro ebook of sorts. This was an episode that BluntSharpness and I came up to use as an hour-long special, but it blew up in proportion, and putting it in this format was the only way to do this story justice. I don’t want to give away any of the plot yet, but this will not disappoint any fans of the faux sitcom, and will likely be a good read for those who haven’t read a single episode as well. 

Speaking of Freedom Lane, Season Seven is set to go, and the season premiere will air on 3/1. Season Eight is already outlined and slated for late-spring. That gives you plenty of time to catch up with everyone’s favorite New Haven family. Seasons one through six are up now.

Freedom Lane Seasons 1-6

What the hell… Here’s the episode line up for Season Seven:

Lotasha Returns

The Lesbionic Woamn

Call Me Quaitlyn

Gourmet Sugar (AKA The Drug Episode)

Orange is the Old White
Straight Outta Freedom Lane

There will also be a special called Confinement Road. Think of it as a bizarro version of Freedom Lane; two black gay men adopt a rich white girl. Sounds racist, but it’s really fun (and maybe a bit racist too).

Finally, I’ll be releasing my second full-length ebook closer to the end of the year (keeping my fingers crossed for autumn). It will be called Dusk, and it will be collection of short stories previously posted on my site. These stories will be expanded and edited throughout, and I’ll post a few previously unpublished surprises as well. I had planned this for early 2015, but I did the Doomy book instead (Go buy it… hint hint… wink wink…).

In the next few months you’ll see me doing my weekly posts. I’ve got a few new short stories for you, some updates, a new Bulge piece, some possible rejected content (unless by some miracle it’s not rejected) some previews of these upcoming projects, and, of course, Freedom Lane Season Seven. Also, stay tuned next week for a piece called “President Trump”. Like Trump, It delivers what it advertises.

That’s it for now, Budgie fans! Welcome to 2016: The #YearofBudgie!

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