The Untitled Budgie Update

Greetings, fellow humans (and other races). Budgie Bigelow here to give another update on what’s going on in the world of me.

As you probably noticed, I ran a very unsuccessful venture to have Chris Pratt star in, direct, and bankroll a Desperately Seeking Shemale movie. I guess it’s back to the drawing board, because he didn’t read it or even respond to the many tweets directed at him. I guess Mr. Hollywood bigshot doesn’t want anything do to with a nobody blogger and self-publisher who just wants the biggest star in Hollywood to star in, direct, and bankroll his ebook adaptation. I’m shaking my head right now…

If Chris Pratt is reading this: please note that that was sarcasm, and I would still love to have you on board for this movie.

Click here to read A Public Letter to Chris Pratt

So what’s next for Budgie?

Short stories! That’s right. I recently posted a short story (Edison), and there’s lots more to come. I wrote one for a request on a birthday (Father of the Steam Age), which will be the next one I post. I also have one I began from a Facebook poll (Seven Minutes), which is around halfway done. I will finish that soon and have it out to you.

Click here to read the short story, Edison

Ebooks! That’s right, fans of paying for words. I have two ebooks planned for this year (if things go my way). The first should be out this summer, and it’s called Draken: The Son of Drog. Fans of Askharoth will recognize this character. Well, he’s getting a spinoff. I became a little enamored with this character as I was doing the final version of Askharoth, and I put a little tale together for him. Draken is on a mission to save a village from an enemy bent on genocide while dealing with a recent handicap and the visions of his past. That’s all I’m willing to divulge at the moment. Eve from EveEdits is back on board, and she is tirelessly working on the manuscript. I also have a secret beta-reader giving it a read too…. Shhhhhhh, beta-reader.

Click here to read the Askharoth Preview!

Freedom Lane! That’s right. It’s everyone’s favorite sitcom posted as short stories on a blog site. Da’Quarius, Helen, Rose, Paulie, Tony, and all the others are coming back. Season 5 is on its way with six all-new episodes and a special. For shits and giggles; here is the list of upcoming episodes:

Lieutenant Masters (hour-long season premiere)

The Neutering
Pizza After Dark
Father McKraken
At The Movies
The House That Anal Love Built (hour-long season finale)

Special: Da’Quarius Can’t Breathe (will likely be air between episodes 4 and 5).

Look for season five, episode one to air in late June. I’m sure I’ll make tons of announcements since Freedom Lane still seems to be the most popular thing on my site (aside from that Chris Pratt begging session from last week that got a fuck-ton of hits!). Look for my hashtag (that’s right… I caved into hashtagging stuff): #FreedomLane.

Click here to read Freedom Lane seasons 1-4

The other ebook this year! I forgot about that while I was typing about Draken and Freedom lane. The second ebook I have planned is tentatively called “Dusk”, and it will be a collection of my edited and somewhat rewritten short stories. I’m hoping to have this out sometime in the late fall / early winter.

I also have a new feature called “Rejected Content”. I recently became a content writer for a service site that posts those dumb-ass articles that you see all over Facebook that are loaded with ads. Of the two I’ve written, one was rejected. I’ll post “Where Are They Now: Saved by the Bell” in the very near future. Also, I’ve received numerous requests to finally write my erotic fan fiction “Mary Jane Watson and Gwen Stacy in Don’t Tell Peter” based on the early days of the Spider-Man comics. Look for that soon as well (as soon as I work up the nerve to it).

So that’s it for this update. I hope you’ve enjoyed what I’ve been putting out there. I changed my posting schedule to Tuesdays with a repost on Thursday, and I think it’s working better than my old “I’ll post stuff as I’m writing it!” way of doing things. I’m not overloading people with too much, and it gives me time to build up a guff of work so I’m not scrambling if I don’t have anything new. I like this… I’ll actually have the entire season of Freedom Lane done before the premiere. It’s nice.

That’s it for this week, Budgie fans. I’ll see you next week with (more than likely) “Father of the Steam Age”. Goodbye!<div id="bpp_credits"

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