Freedom Lane: One Year Later

On May 11, 2014, sitcoms written in short story form and posted on blog sites made a huge leap forward when the very first episode of Freedom Lane “aired” on The story of Rose, Helen, Da’Quarius, and Paulie exploded into everyone’s life. What started out as being a single season show got renewed for four six-episode seasons, and later got renewed indefinitely. But where did it all start?

It all began with a tweet. A single, throw-away tweet that published author Budgie Bigelow thought little about.

“I would totally watch a sitcom about two elderly lesbians who adopt and at-risk black kid.”

Minutes later, Budgie received a challenge. BluntSharpness replied to that tweet, almost demanding that Budgie write the sitcom he created as a joke. The two went back and forth with ideas, and an outline came into being. The humor would be crass and sometimes racial, and the drama would be thick. So thick that not even Alanis Morissette could swallow it whole. The balance of comedy and drama would be a tightrope walk, but Budgie and Blunt were ready to walk it with unabashed confidence.

Budgie created the three main characters (with BluntSharpness naming Da’Quarius), and Blunt added Uncle Paulie, who owned a pizzeria and would give young Da’Quarius life advice. The show finally received the name when it was suggested by Eve Brigid when Budgie was looking for a name. She suggested Freedom Lane (on a list of possible titles), and the entire thing came together like two gays at an Channing Tatum look-alike convention.

In a one year time period, Freedom Lane aired twenty-four episodes in a four season run, three specials, and a few short pieces. The cast grew from the four main characters to encompass a large number of neighbors, family members, and friends stemming from regulars like Paulie’s friend and coworker, Tony, and to Da’Quarius’ estranged mother, Latosha (who has thus far only appeared twice). To this day, Freedom Lane still gets more hits than anything else on Budgie Bigelow’s website.

So what’s in store for everyone’s favorite family comprised of two elderly lesbians, a black at-risk child, and an early-sixties pizzeria owner? There’s enough material stored away to keep them all busy for a long time to come. Rose’s father will stop by in season five, Paulie and Tony will have another wild idea to make some fast money, and Da’Quarius will be put to the ultimate test. Stay tuned. There’s plenty more Freedom Lane to go around!

To celebrate the one year anniversary of Freedom Lane, an extended version of the pilot episode will be released on this site on May 11th, including over twenty minutes of additional footage.

So here’s to another year of elderly lesbians, adopted black children, a wise, pizzeria owning uncle, and many friends and neighbors on Freedom Lane!


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