What’s Going On?! (A Budgie Update)

It’s been a while since I wrote an update just for the sake of writing an update, so I decided to write an update.

SOOOOOOOO….. What has Budgie Bigelow been up to since the last time he spoke to you guys. Well, if you have been following, Freedom Lane Season 4 just wrapped up. That’s right! An entire fourth season!! Who would have thought it would stick around this long!! I have been working with BluntSharpness, and we put together enough ideas to last a looooooonnnnggg time… 

Speaking of Freedom Lane, May 11 will mark the one year anniversary of the pilot episode! Am I going to do anything?! You bet your ass I am! I have a “One Year Later” retrospective coming out the week before, and on May 11, I have a very special surprise. It’s the extended version of the pilot with twenty minutes of extra footage. SURPRISE!

Frozen 2: Ice Cold Vendetta will be out next week too (4/21 if you saw my many announcements on Twitter and Facebook). I beat Disney to the punch, so my sequel is the only one that counts. It came out longer than I expected, but early reviews say that it’s not only good, but it’s better than the original! I can’t wait to release upon the world, changing Frozen forever!

Lastly, I have been working on my next ebook: The Son of Drog. Some of you may remember this minor character from Askharoth. Well, he’s back in his own adventure. I won’t give too much away just yet, but I am on chapter 19 out of a planned 25. This will probably be my biggest ebook to date!

Well that’s it. You have a lot  in with to look forward (including some short stories coming up too!). 


Stay tuned, America. Budgie Bigelow isn’t fucking around!

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