The Innocent

Chapter 1: Welcome to Havenville
Chapter 2: Day One
Chapter 3: Initiation
Chapter 4: Leonard and Tajiri
Chapter 5: Xander on the Outside
Chapter 6: The Chaplain
Chapter 7:The Agents of the Warden
Chapter 8: Inside the Quarantine Wing
Chapter 9: Leonard on the Outside
Chapter 10: The Test
Chapter 11: Warden Greene
Chapter 12: The Hole
Chapter 13: Catalyst
Chapter 14: The Chaplain’s Legacy
Chapter 15: Tajiri on the Outside
Chapter 16: The Line
Chapter 17: Max Lockup
Chapter 18: Wolfsky on the Outside
Chapter 19: Patterns
Chapter 20: The War Begins
Chapter 21: The Final Stand of Kit Marshall
Chapter 22: Inside + Epilogue

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