Between Spider-Man and Freedom Lane

My wife just asked if I was working on my racist sitcom, and I realized I haven’t done an update in a while.


Here’s the update: 

I just finished Spider-Man: STING!. Thank you to those who read it (except and unnamed Marvel employee who told me he wasn’t legally allowed to do so). It was a story that I wanted to do for a while, even if it was more of a retelling than an original story… I do have an idea for an original Spider-Man fan fiction and a direct sequel to STING! called “Shades of Gwen”, but time will tell if I chose to do that again.

So what else is going on in the world of Budgie Bigelow?

I’m still working on my Askharoth spinoff: The Son of Drog (working title). I did secure the talents of a certain Mr Watts to do the cover (when I do come up with a better title). I have 11 unedited chapter of what will probably be somewhere around 22-25. I’ll keep plugging away as it draws me back. 

Coming much sooner than the Son of Drog book is the next season of Freedom Lane. Season 4 came out better than I had hoped (as much as I don’t like tooting my own humungous horn). I worked with BluntSharpness closely to get this season written before it started to go live. This will also include an hour long bonus special!  Fuck it… Here’s the line-up of episodes for Season 4:


Vintage Rose

The Brothers Garcia

Mrs. Pauliefire


Kim Jong Fun

Father Figger

And somewhere in the middle I’ll put The Walking Daq special (thank BluntSharpness for that one).


Lastly: Go to Amazon.Com and buy an e-copy of Valentines for Doomy. It’s only available during the month of March, and all proceeds to to fund The Tour of Doom for our dear friend Jo AKA @OptimisticDoom. Additionally, all money I make from Askharoth and Desperately Seeking Shemale will also go to Jo, so pick those up if you don’t have them already. 



I’ll see you soon for Freedom Lane! Keep in touch. Happy Japanese Easter!



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