Spider-Man: STING! – Foreword

The next story I am going to be posting on this blog site is a Spider-Man fan fiction I wrote called “STING!”. This is something that’s been in my head for a while, so I’m happy that I was talked into finally writing it (you know who you are). There are a few things about this I want to throw out there before I starting posting the 13 chapters of this story.

First off, I broke some unwritten fan fiction rules here. Maybe a lot. I don’t do a ton of serious fan fiction, so I don’t really know for sure. This is more of a retelling than a fan fiction. One of my favorite stories in the Spider-Man universe is the origin of The Scorpion. The original comic (Amazing Spider-Man 20) goes through the story quickly (as comics did at that time), and some of the events don’t make a lot of sense if you start to try to explain them (as comics did at that time). I took this story, added my own twist on it, and wrote what should be considered a stand alone story.

Secondly, I screwed with the timeline of how the events played out in the comics. For example: When Spider-Man first fights The Scorpion in ASM 20, he is still in high school. In STING!, Peter Parker is in college. There are other events such as The Shocker already being an established villain (even though he didn’t come into the comics until two more years after The Scorpion)… Etcetera. With the exception of two or thee glaring events (which some hardcore Spider-Man fans may or may not point out), most of what I took from the comics takes place within Amazing Spider-Man 1-100.

So there you have all that I am willing to share so far on this project of mine. If it does well, I may do another classic Spider-Man fan fiction that popped in my head as I was writing this one. Only time shall tell.


Remember, if you’re ever at all upset that I’m retelling the origin of The Scorpion in this manner; just remember that Ultimate Spider-Man made the Scorpion one of the four or five clones of Peter Parker that Oscorp created… Think on that one.



Don’t forget to harass @Marvel on twitterl so they’ll read it and give me a job!



Budgerigar Orville Bigelow

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