Hulk Hogan Gets a Flu Shot

“OK, Mr. Hogan,” Sarah said. She had been a nurse for fourteen years, and administered flu shots at Walgreens for the last four. “Did you fill out the form?

“Yes,” Hulk Hogan said, handing his form to Sarah. His sunglasses were resting on top of his forehead, just at the bottom of his bandana.

Sarah looked over Hulk’s form, her glasses resting at the end of her nose. Her brown curls rested on her forehead. “You forgot to initial on the first line here.”

“Oh,” Hulk said, taking the paper back from Sarah. “Sorry about that.” He initialed the line and handed the paper back to Sarah. “There you go.”

Sarah looked over Hulk’s form one last time to make sure there weren’t any other mistakes. When she was sure it was OK, she added it to the growing pile to her left, face down. “Any allergies to eggs or chicken?” she asked.

“Nope,” replied Hulk.

“Have you had any bad reactions to a flu shot in the past?” Sarah asked.

“Nope,” replied Hulk.

“Excellent,” Sarah said. “Which arm do you want your shot in?”

“The left,” Hulk replied, lifting his sleeve.

“Can you lift it higher?” Sarah asked.

“How’s this?” Hulk asked, pulling his sleeve up as close to his shoulder as he could get it.

“That’s good,” Sarah said. “Can you hold it there for me?”

“Sure thing,” Hulk said.

Sarah turned and started swabbing Hulk’s arm with alcohol, but his shirt sleeve began to droop. “Can you hold that higher?” she asked.

“Like this?” Hulk said, trying to raise his shirt a little more.

“I need to get to your arm,” Sarah said. “Can you get your arm out of the sleeve for me?”

“Hold on,” Hulk said. “I have an idea.”

Hulk Hogan stood out of his chair, turned towards the people waiting and grabbed his maroon sweater with both hands. “AAAAAAHHHHHHHH!!!!” he exclaimed, ripping the shirt in half. The people in line shrunk back in terror as Hulk finished ripping his shirt off and sat back down. There was the smell of urine as an old woman’s weak bladder let loose.

“How’s that?” Hulk asked.

“Perfect,” Sarah said, swabbing Hulk’s arm with the alcohol pad. “You’ll feel a pinch for a moment.”

“Ow,” Hulk said.

Sarah peeled a bandaid and put it on Hulk’s arm. “That’s it,” she said. “You’re all set.”

“Thank you very much,” Hulk said, getting up from the chair.

“You’re welcome,” Sarah said. “Have a good day.”

“You too.”


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