An Unedited Budgie Update

So I find myself staring down a road with no end. Metaphorically, of course. Also, there is an end. My analogy is not apt. So sorry. Thank you for reading…

The point of this update is because I’m about to venture into a few different ventures that may or may not limit my time to post some things on this blog (although, I always seem to make time).

The first is Desperately Seeking Shemale. The ebook will be released on #ShamaleSaturday, which is November the 8th. I had 3 beta-readers (Lou, Hollz, & Cake) who read and reviewed the rough manuscript for me. I’m going over their notes and edits, and will have the final manuscript very soon. All it will need is the cover (that Vagabond Saints did for me), the Table of Contents, and an Afterword. I’m very happy with the way this story played out and the reaction it got from the beta-readers. I’m hoping those of you brave enough to purchase the book will agree.

The second is the National Novel Writing Month (or #NaNoWriMo) contest. I don’t think it’s an actual contest, but more of a challenge to budding writers. Basically, the challenge is to write a novel of at least 50,000 words during the month of November. You aren’t allowed to start writing until November first, so all I’ve done is outline the book I plan on doing.

I’m challenging myself with a book that popped in my head while finishing the final version of Askharoth this past Spring. I added a character called The Son of Drog, and I became intrigued with him, even though he only makes a few appearances in Askharoth. The book will be titled Unnamed: The Chronicles of The Son of Drog. A very brief overview of the plot is The Son of Drog ventures through Hell, finds himself very far north of Cendrillon, gets mixed up with some natives, has some flashbacks about his past, conflicts, etcetera. What I have in the outline should be fun to get out on paper (or my iPad screen if you’re being picky).

I do have more short stories planned out. Here’s some titles to wet your appetite: Edison, The Phantom Puppeteer, Grand Court, and a New Millennium prelude called The Last Rites of The Archangel Barachiel that may only appear in the short story collection called. I’ll also have a Freedom Lane Season 3 planned to start sometime soon, so stay tuned for that one.

Now that I’m done promoting stuff, I want to thank all of those who read my recent stuff. I wrote three short stories: “I Am He Who Reaps”, Diamond Cutter, and Cupcakes. Diamond Cutter was written with tons of Roller Derby info from @YourCatastrophy, and the idea for Cupcakes came from @reallyheavycake. I also posted season 2 of Freedom Lane and a riot special with my executive producer, @BluntSharpness.

Also, if you missed it; I turned my Casey and Beans fan fiction into a trilogy with Casey’s Brain Gets Transferred Into the Body of a Groundhog and Beans Rescues Casey from Groundhog Hell. @The_Syphilitic appreciated it, but his girlfriend locked herself in the bathroom because of it.

As always, all this can be found on my Table of Contents page.

P.S. I’m way to busy to edit this, so come at me.

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