It’s Bulgeweek!


I invented Bulgeweek earlier today, so you may be asking yourself; “What is this Bulgeweek, and should I exert any brainpower whatsoever to care?”

The answer may surprise you: “Probably not, but I’m doing it anyway.”


Some time ago, there was a website called PopSydicate that published a weekly pop culture column called The Bulge written by Budgie Bigelow. The website changed direction (pretty much doing exactly what they were doing before, but without Budgie’s column). When the column was cancelled, there were two unreleased Bulges. “Super Lana del Rey Kart” and “#YesAllThors”. I also wrote one more called “Spongebob Bulgepants”… 

So what’s this mean for you, lucky fans of BudgieBigelow.com (that’s right…. I bought the dot com!)?

This means I’ll be releasing these this week along with the new one I wrote.





Bye for now…. 



(RIP Eric The Actor)

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