A new Askharoth excerpt… 🙂

Limelight Literature

Welcome to Monday – yuk right? Okay let’s make it better here’s an exclusive from Budgie Bigelow’s Askharoth, enjoy.

I continued my preparations for the future in secret. I emerged from hiding some time later, and decided it was time to check on Château Tremaine and the young Cinderella. It had been a while since I put Lady Tremaine in charge of Cinderella’s upbringing, and I was eager to see the results of her tutelage.

Cinderella sat on a stone bench in the huge back courtyard of Château Tremaine. It was mid-August and the dragonflies buzzed around the tall grass. She somberly looked over her father’s tall grave. It had been a year since he died, and Cinderella found herself missing him more with every day that passed. Lady Tremaine had become extremely cruel, making Cinderella into little more than a slave.

“I wish you were still here with me…

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