The Budgedate (see what I did there?????)

The Budgedate



I haven’t updated in a while, so I figured I’d take this opportunity to make a blog post and let everyone know what their favorite blogger and published author is up to.


First off: Thanks to everyone who read The Battle for New Millennium and Freedom Lane Season 2. The second in the New Millennium series was a lot of fun to write. I’m hoping to get back into it again very soon…. Maybe in ebook form (ooooo….. foreshadowing…..)  


Season 2 of Freedom Lane was a lot of fun too. I saw my characters from Season 1 developing more. I got a full six episodes in and a double-length riot special (A Riot of the Heart). I especially liked getting into Helen’s checkered past in A Trip Down Memory Block A. If I ever rewrite any of these episodes I’ll definitely have to get some more Helen prison stories in there… I have a whole file filled with ideas for future episodes, so don’t expect Season 2 to be the last… Or season 3… etcetera. 


Also, I’m about 75-80% done with my Desperately Seeking Shemale ebook. Those of you that read the short story version will be pleasantly surprised with the new version. The biggest complaint I got about that story is that it was too short. With this expanded version you get the whole story, more background, and I go further into the future than the original epilogue did. I don’t think this will disappoint anyone who was a fan of the original, and it certainly keep any new readers entertained. Also, I want to thank Bee the Tranny for helping with a bit of info. I may not be done with you yet, Bee.


But what’s next for (that’s right… I bought the domain (thanks Lou))? I have four short stories started. I am He Who Reaps, The Phantom Puppeteer, Edison (or Demented… I haven’t settled on a name), and a prelude to New Millennium called The Last Rites of The Archangel Barachiel. I also have two pieces from The Bulge that PopSyndicate never published… I’ll likely be posting those soon too.


So that’s it for my update…. Check back to for more of my random thoughts, short stories, links to my ebooks (once there’s more than one.. wink wink). Keep reading, Budgie fans!


-Budgerigar Orville Bigelow

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