Irony – A Budgie Bigelow thought bubble

As a writer, I am always trying to expand my horizons, hone my skill, and ultimately grow as a human being. To do this, I took some actions to understand irony. Irony is often misused and misunderstood concept with new authors and those beginning on the fantastic voyage that is being a well-rounded writer.

I ate comfort food while sitting on a pile of jagged rocks and listening to my mother tell me why she thinks the “ice cream scene” in 50 Shades of Grey wouldn’t work in real life. I ate a Happy Meal while crying about those who lost their lives to the deadly Ebola virus and the Gaza conflict. I discovered that Alanis Morissette singing a list of coincidences and naming said song “Ironic” is, in itself, and act of irony, hence making the song title completely valid despite all that would tell you otherwise.

So now that I completely understand irony, I hope I can pass some of this wisdom onto you, the reader. Hopefully your grasp will grow and your skill will be honed. Either that or the sheer stupidly of this piece caused you to lose a few IQ points.

In the end, isn’t that ironic? Don’t you think?

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