The Battle for New Millennium Chapter 12: The Night of the Demon

The Battle for New Millennium
Chapter 12: The Night of the Demon


In the blink of an eye, New Millennium was plunged into blackness. Cars stopped working where they sat and refused to start again. Electric lights were snuffed out as the people of the great city at their dinners or got ready to end their long day. Hospitals were cut off from all devices, and lives were lost as the doctors scrambled over each other in the darkness.

A plane flying high above the city lost its lights and instruments. The pilots radioed for help as the airplane plunged like so much dead weight. They tried everything they could to keep it in the sky, but there was nothing they could do. It plummeted from the sky and finally plunged into the East Side River. Every person on board was killed in the watery crash.

Moments later, candles were lit once people realized that the flashlights did not work. Soon, they came to realize that no battery in their homes would work either. They looked out their window to see if they could see what had happened to knock the power in the neighborhood out. Their eyes were met by a blackness that swept over the whole of New Millennium, save for a pulsating red light near its center.

The candles twinkled in the lights of the building as they were washed over in the glowing red light. Terror froze the heart and souls of the city’s inhabitants. They felt a fear that had been building up as a crushing anxiety over the past six months.

The people of New Millennium feared that after five hundred years that the Dark Times had returned.


Rev’s device sprang to life as Jonah and Killian closed the distance between them and the demoness, Kasayda Kiz. They were thrown back by the force of it and tumbled in the grass. Jonah used the power of Barachiel to steady himself. Killian dug his clawed hand into the earth an stopped himsef from being thrown back.

“We’re too late!” Jonah spat as the power of Barachiel enveloped him and readied him for battle. He was bathed in white light that turned into the white cloak and silver breastplate. His round shield formed on his left forearm. He shone in the red light that had formed in the shape of a great arc in front of him. He was ready to fight Kiz and Abboe.

“Get back!” Killian shouted next to him.

“No!” Jonah shouted. “I won’t let them win!”

“GET BACK!” Killian repeated, grabbing Jonah’s shoulder.

Jonah turned on Killian suddenly. Barachiel lashed out, hungry to bite. Jonah had to step back to stop from killing his friend. “Oh God,” Jonah said. “I’m sorry -”

“Open your eyes and get back!” Killian shouted. Jonah turned towards Rev’s device. It was glowing red, and the pillars on either side were glowing to match. He observed the air between the two pillars. It seemed to ripple and pulse. The only sound in the quiet night was the laughter of Kasayda Kiz and Abboe.

Jonah quickly stepped back from the red-glowing portal as Killian instructed. He held Barachiel in front of him as the demons began to pour in. “We’re too late,” he said. Demons with insect wings flew over their heads and into the city. Demons of all sizes began marching through the portal and into New Millennium.

“Jonah!” Killian shouted. “What do we do now?”

Jonah got ahold of himself and faced the marching hoard of demon soldiers. Barachiel hungered in his right hand. Jonah didn’t take eyes off the oncoming demons. “We fight,” he said to Killian, holding Barachiel over his head and charging into battle.


Gabriel dodged attack after attack from the demon called Jahmon who protected Tsu-Kata. Jahmon whipped his sword towards Gabriel’s arm. It ricocheted off his hard-power shield with a small flash of blueish light. The look on Jahmon’s face told Gabriel that he had done it to test the shield. If Gabriel was going to defeat this demon he was going to have to be smart about it.

Their fight was bathed in red light. Gabriel knew that Jonah and Killian had failed in stopping Kiz from unleashing Rev’s device. He didn’t know what the red glow coming from the city was, but one thing was certain: He needed to stop whatever Tsu-Kata was doing more than ever now.

“Does the red glow in your city concern you, human?” Jahmon asked, giving his wilding swinging a short break. “It should not. It merely means the inevitable has happened. The Night of the Demon has finally begun. It is not too late for you, Gabriel Cogs.”

“What do you mean?” Gabriel said, not dropping his guard. He figured if he could keep Jahmon talking he might find an opening. So far, Jahmon’s erratic flailing had left little space for Gabiel to mount any kind of offense.

“My demoness Tsu-Kata fancies you, human,” Jahmon said. “Though she sent me to kill you, she would not be amiss if you decided to throw down your weapon and join her underground. Do you not see it? She is fascinated by your plight.”

Gabriel paused. He dared not actually throw his sword down. He knew his unintended feelings for the demoness was more than likely a piece of her ancient powers. Her assassin would know this and be able to use this against an opponent.

That was his theory, anyway.

Gabriel lashed out while his opponent attempted his verbal warfare. He slashed at Jahmon in an upward arc. Jahmon blocked with his swords, and Gabriel’s power sword sparked as it skid across Jahmon’s swords. Jahmon blew on his reddened sword before laughing heartily at Gabriel’s attack.

“So you have chosen death over enlightenment from my mistress,” Jahmon said. “So be it.”

Jahmon grabbed Gabriel by the throat and threw him behind him like a rag doll. Gabriel hit a utility pole that crashed to the ground next to him, smashing a parked car in the process. The three metal can-like transformers on the pole’s top clanged to the ground, spilling oil into the street.

Gabriel got to his feet quickly and barely managed to dodge the oncoming thrust of Jahmon’s extending blade. He focused his energy into his left and and blasted it towards Jahmon. It hit Jahmon in the chest and left a smoking, round mark.

Jahmon laughed. “You are full of surprises!” he exclaimed. “But alas, you will not live to tell of the damage you have inflicted on me.” Jahmon laughed as he began to wave his arms wildly. Soon, he seemed to be in a bubble of silver as his ribbon-like swords surrounded him.

Gabriel watched and tried to think of his next move. Jahmon was wasting a lot of energy with his erratic movements, but there was no opening for attack. His only choice was to wait and see what the demon did next.


Jonah slashed as the hoard of demons spewed from the red opening. Demons turned to ash as they attacked and were cut down. He felt Barachiel’s hunger grow into a bloodlust as demon after demon fell to its powerful bite. Jonah was aware that Barachiel was directly feeding power into his body so it would not tire, and wondered what would happen if his body couldn’t take any more.

“We need help!” Jonah shouted in his mind. Killian had kept his distance since Jonah had nearly turned him to ash with Barachiel’s rage.

“It’s here!” Killian’s voice shouted from within Jonah’s head.

Jonah turned in time to see Rock running towards the battle with a large group behind him. Jonah couldn’t even count the numbers charging as they ran into the fray, weapons blaring, killing the demons that had gotten past him. Jonah ducked into an alley as bullets began biting into demon flesh.

“CUT THEM DOWN!” Rock shouted as he took cover behind a turned over car. He aimed his rifle into the hoard and began firing. A demon unfortunate enough to get into Rock’s sights lost its head in a spray of black blood. Jonah noticed the sword strapped to Rock’s back as he pulled a pin from a grenade and tossed it into the grass that surrounded the red archway.

“I’m not going to let you have all the fun!” Rock shouted as Jonah joined him. The grenade detonated, flinging pieces of demon everywhere. “I’d be here sooner, but my bike wouldn’t start. Can I lend a hand.”

“Just a small one,” Jonah replied.

“Need a gun?” Rock asked.

“No,” Jonah replied. “Now that you’re here I can go after their leader. Kill as many as you can before they get too far into the city.”

“That’s the plan,” Rock said. “I have an entire army behind me if you didn’t notice. I’ll keep them bottle-necked here as long as I can.”

“Good,” Jonah said. “I’m going to find Killian and end this.”

“Cut off the head and the body dies,” Rock said, repeating something his father had once told him.

“That’s the plan,” Jonah said, disappearing into the fray once more.


Kasayda Kiz watched her handiwork as the demons charged into New Millennium. She watched as the human’s champion, Jonah Judge, slayed her precious demons only to fall back when his calvary arrived. They were all too late though, she wouldn’t allow the portal to be closed until the city was hers and Caim came along to lay claim to the prize of New Millennium.

Jonah was gone, and he left his cousin in charge of the battle. Bullets bit into flesh or ricocheted off of stone and metal armor. She laughed as demons flew from the sky and pounced on the humans who were busy fighting the battle on the ground. They would soon run out of bullet or tire. When hat happened, New Millennium was theirs.

She turned to see her ally Abboe charging towards her. She had just enough wherewithal to ready herself for the blow. Abboe used two stone-like spikes on either hand to skewer and ultimately destroy his opponents. Abboe jammed the spike into Kiz’s gut.

Kiz had a moment of clarity where she saw Killian standing on a fire escape with one hand on his temples and the other pointed towards Abboe palm first. She sneered as the Killian-controled Abboe tossed her hundreds of feet where she hit the side of a truck back first, and fell to the ground with a huge, gaping hole where her finely sculpted stomach once was.


Gabriel tensed as the ball of flailing swords inched towards him. Pieces of the street were thrown into the air as the swords lashed. He had a sudden impulse to not wait for Jahmon to make the next move, and picked up the broken utility pole that he had smashed moments ago. He tossed it towards Jahmon’s spinning swords. The pole was on a collision course towards Jahmon’s head.

Jahmon’s movement changed immediately. He stopped his spinning and cut the wooden pole straight down the middle. Gabriel took advantage of the spinning sword’s reprieve and took hold of Jahmon’s left hand. With his other hand, he grabbed Jahmon’s throat.

Jahmon looked into Gabriel’s eyes, surprised but still smiling. He kicked off the ground and went sailing into the air. He leaned backwards so that Gabriel saw the ground zooming past. Jahmon continued to contort his body so that now Gabriel was looking at the stars in the sky. Gabriel marveled at how bright they were now that the power in New Millennium had been cut before his body was sent sailing into the earth.

Gabriel crashed into the street, leaving a large hole. He crawled up from the dirt to see Jahmon looking down towards him, his long swords both held to the sky. He let them both come down as Gabriel leapt backwards and out of the way.

Gabriel thought he was out of harms way after Jahmon’s missed downward slash, but jumped backwards again when he noticed that the blades were still in the ground. The tips of the blades shot up from the ground less than a foot where Gabriel was standing. If he hadn’t moved, the blades would have killed him for sure.

“I haven’t had this much fun in ages!” Jahmon exclaimed, his voice saturated in evil glee. He began flailing his arms again. His blades were ripped from the street, leaving two gashes as they returned to spin around their master once more.


Kasayda Kiz sat up. She didn’t know how much time had passed since her body bounced off the side of the truck, but she was annoyed that she had momentarily lost consciousness. The only thing that kept her spirits up was that she was sure Killian thought he had succeeded in killing her.

When Abboe charged her, Kiz saw his hand coming towards her stomach. Kiz is a shapeshifter by birth and trade, but her appearance is not the only thing she could change. When Abboe’s spike entered her abdomen, she had already finished moving her internal organs away from where the spike would hit. As she sailed through the air, she instructed her body to repair the hole. Kiz looked down to the hole in her black corset. The skin had knitted itself back together, and her organs had returned to their rightful places inside her body. There was gnarled scar, but she could repair it later. She got up from the ground and looked around at the carnage.

Kiz watched in shock as her own bodyguard, Abboe, was killing his allies. This meant that the coward Killian had hidden himself in the shadows once again and was controlling him. Abboe wasn’t strong against a psychic, and wouldn’t likely be able to overcome Killian’s mind. The only upside to this was that Killian would likely be distracted, giving Kiz the chance to track him down and subdue him. Nilas was able to tell her the theory of overcoming a psychic, but she lacked the training to do so properly. If she were to fight Killian, she’d have to keep her wits about her and finish him quickly. Killing him before he knew she was there would be best.

“You cannot be too far,” Kasayda Kiz whispered as her hands turned into claws, and she narrowed her eyes to see through the dark. “I shall find you, Killian. I shall make sure you return to Hell to answer for your crimes.”


Jahmon laughed as he switched from defense and attack. He spun his swords around his body with his elastic-like arms. Every now and then he’d change it up and thrust one of his swords at Gabriel. He’d laugh as he’d turn it in mid-thrust and make Gabriel either duck or jump over it. Gabriel’s sword and shield were ready as he dodged t he attacks, wasting power as he came up with no way to combat the wild Jahmon.

Gabriel checked his battery and noticed he was already halfway done with his allotted power. His body was a generator and would recharge itself, but he would need time. It was a luxury he didn’t have. The more time he wasted fighting Jahmon, the deeper Tsu-Kata went into the earth. If he had any chance of defeating her, he had to finish this fight with Jahmon quickly.

Gabriel killed the power to his hard-power shield and sword. They went back into the armor. Jahmon laughed again.

“Giving up so easily?” Jahmon asked. “And here I thought you wanted Tsu-Kata to make you into a real man again!”

Jahmon’s words stung. They bit deeper than his sword could have. In a rush of inspiration, Gabriel noticed the cans that had fallen from the top of the utility pole as he hit it. One of the three cans was broken and had spilt oil into the street. The other two were intact. Gabriel quickly moved his body and threw one of the cans in the same trajectory as he did the pole earlier.

Jahmon moved as Gabriel predicted he would. He thrust his sword forward, cutting the transformer down the middle. The can’s two halves flew in opposite directions, but the oil on the inside continued forward, drenching Jahmon. His eyes were open when the oil hit, and he was blinded.

Gabriel mechanical legs shot him forward like a slingshot. His sword was powered in under a second. He didn’t bother energizing his shield. It would do him no good against an opponent like Jahmon. Jahmon was blinded, but he heard Gabriel coming. He swung his swords wildly once more, but Gabriel’s rage had given him a sight he didn’t know possible, even with his robotic eyes. He knew Jahmon’s patterns now. The swinging wasn’t as random as he believed.

Gabriel easily dodge Jahmon’s blind attack and grabbed his wrist in his left hand. He brought his power-sword down with his right, severing Jahmon’s arm at the shoulder. The wound was cauterized as the electric-blue blade passed through. Jahmon was no longer laughing. He let loose a shrill cry that filled the silent night.

“You insolent bastard!” Jahmon shouted. “If you think Tsu-Kata will spare you -”

Gabriel didn’t allow Jahmon to speak any more. He swung his sword in a horizontal arc, severing Jahmon’s head. It fell to the ground with a thud. The wound was once again cauterized. His smoking body fell next. His remaining arm twitched as the body died. Gabriel stepped over the demon to pursue its master.

The archway was still open. Gabriel could feel a cool breeze wafting from below the ground. He took a deep breath and steadied his nerve. Jahmon was right about one thing: Somewhere in Gabriel’s soul he did hold out some kind of hope that Tsu-Kata’s power could somehow give him his body back. He considered himself a fool for the fantasy, but he might have been a bigger fool not to hope.

With his mind once again conflicted, Gabriel Cogs entered the tunnel that would lead him directly to Tsu-Kata.

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