The Battle for New Millennium Chapter 11: The Dusk of Man

The Battle for New Millennium
Chapter 11: The Dusk of Man

Gabriel Cogs rode alone on a motorcycle to the outskirts of New Millennium City, his mind on Tsu-Kata and what he was going to do if he found her. He had to move fast. They weren’t sure if the information on when Kasayda Kiz planned on detonating Rev’s device was accurate. Even if he was unharmed by the wave it would emit, his motorcycle would be useless. Sands was sure Tsu-Kata was clear from the radius of the pulse, but Gabriel still worried that it would render him useless.

Isaac Sands had programmed Tsu-Kata’s assumed location into his map database, and he followed the buzz in his mind. He didn’t know if he could fight Tsu-Kata. In many ways, she was his savior. She succeeded in helping him where so many had failed before. It was up to him to protect the city and mankind from her evil, but he didn’t know if he could bring himself to do it.

And what of her power? She had the power to turn his body into dirt if she chose. She had healed him and allowed him to live at their last meeting, but she was clear that she wouldn’t do it a second time.

So Gabriel Cogs rode on, knowingly going towards his likely death, as the sun got closed in on the horizon.


Jonah and Killian rode in a DPA helicopter, scanning the skyline of New Millennium. Jonah looked around with electronic binoculars while Killian scanned for demonic thoughts and auras with his mind. They were both painfully aware that they’d be killed if Kiz detonated the device as the soared above the city.

“Anything yet?” Jonah asked. He yelled so he could be heard in Killian’s headset. Jonah suggested they use telepathy to speak, but Killian wanted to focus all his power to locating Kasayda Kiz and anyone else she was working with.

“Nothing,” Killian said, holding his temples with his fingers. “They must be blocking my telepathy somehow. I am sure they are still in the city. New Millennium is the key.”

Jonah suppressed a shudder. Killian had told him what New Millennium was to the demons. It wasn’t just a human-infested mecca for them to terrorize. New Millennium was, in fact, the key the demons needed to enter this earth. Together, they surmised that Kiz’s first step would be to cut the power to all devices, making the humans all but helpless. The second step would be for her to open the portals and let the demons in.

They had to stop her before that happened, no matter what the cost.

“Can they open the portal from outside the city?” Jonah asked. “Is that what Tsu-Kata is doing out there?”

“I do not believe so,” Killian said. “Tsu-Kata did not kill Gabriel or Rock. Kiz and whoever she is with cannot kill a demon so ancient, so she is likely going back underground. If Gabriel does not stop her, she will destroy humankind from the inside of the earth.”

“So she’s their contingency plan,” Jonah said, calculating in his head. “If they should fail, then it would be up to Tsu-Kata to destroy New Millennium. Oh my God, Killian! The direction of her tunnel. She’s going for the underground river that passes through New Millennium!”

“If they cannot take New Millennium they will likely drown it,” Killian said. “There is an old demonic scripture that reads ‘The Dusk of Mankind will mark the beginning of The Night of The Demon’. They are looking to bring about the fabled Night of The Demon.”

“What’s the Night of The Demon?” Jonah asked. ”

“A night that never ends,” Killian said. “A night that will be ruled by evil. If my assumption and what we have learned is correct, then this is the Dusk of Man. The Night will follow.”

Jonah looked to the horizon. The sun was nearly setting. They were running out of time and no closer to finding Kiz or Rev’s device. “Killian,” he said, as the answer dawned on him. “What if we can’t find them because they’re already prepared. What if we’re already too late.”

“What do you mean?” Killian asked. He removed his fingers from his temples and turned to Jonah.

“They had the area readied from the very beginning,” Jonah said. “Somewhere your telepathy wouldn’t work. Somewhere saturated with ancient dark magick.”

Killian’s eyes widened. “It’s been right in front of us the whole time,” Killian said. “They thought we wouldn’t suspect them of hitting the same area twice.”

“They were right,” Jonah said. “Pilot, get us as close to 42nd Street as possible.”

The planed turned East towards the center of New Millennium City, away from the setting sun.


Gabriel pulled his motorcycle to the side of the road and stopped. The buzzing in his head told him he had gotten to the end of the anomaly that Jonah wanted him to track. He pushed the bike up against the side of utility pole and walked down the deserted street.

Both sides of the street were lined with small shops. Normally, this time of night would mean people would be out shopping or getting a meal at one of the restaurants. The silence put Gabriel’s mind into unease. He knew he found Tsu-Kata, and that she had just fed.

“I believe I told you not to seek me,” Tsu-Kata said from behind Gabriel. He thought she was whispering in his ear, but when he turned around he found her standing a good hundred feet away. The bodyguard that fought against The Wolves and Killian stood by her side.

“You have to stop this,” Gabriel said, walking towards the demoness and her bodyguard. He felt as if he could convince her without fighting. He didn’t know why.

Tsu-Kata turned to one of the storefronts. It was some kind of toy store. She pushed her hand against the doors. The store front melted away, and turned into a doorway of oak walls. A stone archway was in the center. Whatever business Tsu-Kata had was within the walls.

“You are too late,” Tsu-Kata said. “I have business to attend to. I’ll leave you Jahmon to play with if you’d like. If you can kill him, you can come seek me out. I will give you a sweet death if you do so. You will not complain as the darkness envelops you.”

The demon called Jahmon stepped forward as Tsu-Kata entered the stone archway. She could have easily closed it up from the inside, but she chose to left it open. It was as if she wanted Gabriel to follow, but he had to first prove his worthiness.

Jahmon smiled a grin of pointed teeth. He unsheathed both of his swords. They were very long and shimmered as if they were made of liquid silver. Without warning, he thrust with his left hand towards Gabriel. Even though the two weren’t close, Gabriel had to move his head to the side so he’d be able to keep it. The sword sprang back into its original form.

“I think we can have some fun,” Jahmon said, walking towards Gabriel. “I never got to finish playing with your friends last time, but you can substitute for him.”

Gabriel urged power into his shield and readied his sword. A long, pointed tongue fell from the demon’s mouth. “I see you’re ready to play,” Jahmon said. “So let’s play.”


Kasayda Kiz was ready to take New Millennium. She waited six long months to avenge her lover, Nilas Nil, and the Dusk of Man was finally upon her. She had spent most of the last few days readying her assault and listening to Jano Xing recite from demonic scriptures about the Night of the Demon. She sneered at the thought of Xing: A human who toyed with dark magick and quoting their scripture. She new he had some kind of telepathic abilities, but he only lashed out towards her when she voiced her distaste.

Kiz despised humans in all forms. She especially hated their champions after her dear Nilas was bested by the human who housed himself inside of the demon’s head. The two had a symbiotic relationship that should have been mutually beneficial, but the coward Max Klennon betrayed Nilas and caused his death.

The words of Xano Jing still stung her. He had told her that Nilas Nil’s death was his own doing and not because of some weakling human and an outlaw demon. And there was Killian. He had somehow escaped to earth and joined the humans in their war against Hell. He wasn’t even given High Demon status and therefore was unable to even use a last name.

Killian the Unworthy is what they called him in Hell. Although, Killian was unaware of this seeing as he had been hiding on earth all this time. His own brother ached for the chance to come to earth and bring him to justice, but the demon lords would not allow it.

“Will you be ready?” a dark voice said. It sent chills down Kiz’s spine.

“I will be, Lord Caim,” Kiz said. She wasn’t even aware that she was no longer alone. Lord Caim was another anomaly to her. His was created using the human’s science of cloning and the demon’s magick of binding. His soul came from the large, black sword that hung from his back. The HIgh Demon, Caim Tsulou, gave his body to make the sword that would rival the sword that housed the soul of the archangel, Barachiel.

“I hope so,” Caim said. “I am taking Jano Xing with me and receding to the shadows. We shall return upon your success. If you are successful.”

“I will be,” Kiz said. There was no waver to her voice.

Caim stepped into the light. His head no longer had the mane of hair it had upon his birth mere months ago. It was completely shaved with an intricate red tattoo over the scalp. The same designs were tattooed under his eyes as well. The only thing that remained was the thick, black beard that Archer Post had as well. “Do you realize what will happen to you if you fail?” he asked.

“I do,” Kiz said.

“Good,” Caim said. “Avenge your lover, but do not follow the same course of error that he did.”

Kiz was taken aback and said nothing. Nobody in the circle of demons that were planning the invasion of New Millennium spoke to her of Nilas Nil other than Xing. It was as if his failure had made his name poisonous to speak.

“Do not allow the ill words of Xing to throw your mind into unease,” Caim said, knowing what was on her mind. “He is but a human who wishes to play with the demonic Gods of Hell. He has his uses, but he is still human. Nilas Nil fought as a hero, and died from one grievous error. He did not die because the human inside him betrayed him, but because he overlooked the danger humans when they are at their weakest and most desperate. I do not wish for you to die from the same mistake.”

Kasayda Kiz absorbed the words of Caim. They did little to make her feel better about her loss of Nilas Nil, but at least he had enough respect to speak the truth to her. He was not blinded by the dishonor of his defeat. “I thank you for your words,” Kiz said, bowing low.

“You are welcome,” Caim said. “The sun is setting.”

“Then it is time to go above ground,” Kiz said.

“Fight well,” Caim said. “Avenge Nil.”

“Nilas Nil shall be avenged,” Kiz said. “The City shall be ours.”


Rock Judge entered a place he was sure he’d never lay eyes on again. The inside of The Wolves’ facility seemed empty without the normal running around of his small army of police and soldiers. The small offices were bare. He phoned ahead to Mona to meet him there with as many people as possible who would fight, but the place seemed deserted. They were the defenders of New Millennium, and he didn’t know how many would answer the call to defend it.

“Rock!” Mona’s voice called out. “I’m sorry, I didn’t see you come in. Jonah was on the radio.”

“What did he say?” Rock asked.

“They are moving to 42nd Street,” Mona replied. “But the sun is setting. They don’t know if they’ll get there in time.”

“I still intend to be ready to fight if they fail,” Rock said. “With or without the full force of The Wolves behind me.”

“You haven’t been to the gymnasium?” Mona asked.

“I only just arrived,” Rock replied.

“You need to go there,” Mona said. “Now!”

Rock walked quickly towards the gym on the opposite side of the facility. Mona followed close behind him. The two hadn’t spent much time together lately, but Rock planned on spending more with her once this whole ordeal was over. If they survived the night.

Rock opened the doors to the gym, and was shocked by what he saw. He tried to do a fast count of how many men were lined up and armed to fight, but he couldn’t. There was way more men than he though fought for The Wolves.

“Where did they all come from?” Rock asked Mona quietly.

“Aside from the Wolves that returned, you mean?” Mona said. “Every one of them came back, by the way. Not one asked for a dime to defend the City. They know what’s at stake.”

“But who are the others?” Rock asked.

“Friends,” Mona said with a shrug. “Some are NMPD. Some are civilians. Each and every one of them want to fight. You’re still in charge. Do we allow them too?”

“I can’t stop any man or woman who wants to fight to defend this City,” Rock said. “Besides, these facilities and its content aren’t under my jurisdiction any longer.”

Mona smiled. “Do you want to rally the troops?”

Rock walked to the front of the men that gathered. They were silent and looked to him. Rock had brought many men with him to many battles, but none were as important as this one. He had to remind himself that he was no longer issuing a paycheck for The Wolves to lay down their lives. No. He was asking for something much greater.

“I understand that each and every man and woman working under me lost their job and income, and for that I am truly sorry. For as many criminals we’ve taken down, we still can’t fight City Hall. Now, you’ve returned to fight not for money, but for survival. Not only for ourselves, but the people of this City and possibly the world.

“I won’t sugar coat what’s been going on since the events of six months ago. Evil has been creeping back into the world, and it has been oozing its way through the streets of New Millennium. We are, and always have been, an offshoot of the group that calls itself The Post. The Post teaches us to be prepared and vigilant for the return of evil. Tonight, we are going to show them what that means.”

The crowd in the gym cheered.

“We are no longer Wolves, but we will still fight. We will still hold our own, and we will put our lives on the line for our city. Take whatever weapon you can carry. Anything electronic may not work, so leave it behind. No cars. No helicopters. Nothing. I will take whatever I can and march! I will march to the center of our great city and defend from the forces of evil! I will march in the name of The Post and those who defend the world from the evils of the night. Who will march with me?”

The crown cheered once more, more enthusiastically this time. Guns and knives were passed around. Flak jackets were strapped on. Helmets and riot gear was being put on. Rock turned to find Mona holding something out to him.

“I kept it,” she said, looking at Rock ferociously in the eyes. “You cast it away some time ago, but I kept it. I think it’s time you used it once again.”

Rock reached out and took what Mona was holding out. At one point in his life he wanted to do away with it and teachings of his father, but now he took it with an open heart. If he could form the words he would tell Mona how wrong he was and how glad he was that she knew he’d need it.

Rock unsheathed the silver sword and held it high in the air. His small army roared in a frenzy as he led them with his father’s sword.



Jonah and Killian ran down 42nd Street. They feared they would be too late. The helicopter had to put them down on a hospital roof and quickly got away. Jonah didn’t want it in the air near the city if they didn’t get to Kiz and Rev’s device in time.

Jonah already had Barachiel unsheathed and ready to use. He felt it’s power surge up his arms and into his body, readying him for battle. Killian had his black hooked sword in front of him. His tattered cloaked blew back behind him as they crossed the wooden barricades where the street turned into soil and grass. In the center of the grass and trees stood Kasayda Kiz along side the device she had stolen from the DPA. Two large posts of rock had been erected around the area.

“I was wondering when you would show yourselves,” Kiz said. She wore her black corset along with her boots. The large demon, Abboe, stood to her left.

“Stop this, Kiz!” Jonah said. “Shut the device down!”

“You are far too late,” Kiz said. She pointed toward the horizon. “The Dusk of Man is ending. The Night of the Demon is about to begin.”

Jonah and Killian charged Kasayda Kiz and Abboe as Rev’s device came to life.

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