The Budgie Update – 7/22

The Budgie Update: 7/22/14


Welcome back Budgie fans!  I’m here with another update since I don’t have a Battle for New Millennium chapter planned for this week (I’m working on the multi-chapter epic ending). I’m trying to make these more interesting, so I’m adding fun little facts and junk at the end. So read on and enjoy!


News, News, and News.


Askharoth still continues to be a success. By success I mean that it’s gotten good reaction from those who have downloaded and read it, and that’s what I am after. I did hold a small contest for reviews, and got a few more. If you’ve read Askharoth: please leave me a review (and HONEST one… I’m not looking to get my ass kissed). 

Here’s a link to the ebook: Askharoth on


Also, I have my Budgie Bigelow Facebook up and running. It mostly just repeats what I post on twitter (@BudgieBigelow), but I’ll throw in some other updates there as well. I might need a Facebook lesson or two. I’ll also be posting my ebook news on my GoodReads blog as well. You can follow me there if you’d like.


I’m still working diligently on Desperately Seeking Shemale as well. I got 3 more chapter written this weekend, and should be sending off the first 5 to my editor (@EveEdits) by the end of this week. She’s been itching to do this one.


Lastly, will be shut down on Saturday. Thank you to all that donated to help me promote my book and me as an author. If you haven’t donated a little something and want to receive one of the remaining prizes, then go do so now… Before it’s too late. Thanks to Lou (@imahandyguy) for setting it up and forcefully making me do this.




When I was younger, I wrote a story called Detective Donkey Punch about a Chinese detective agency. It ended when the titular detective fought the drug kingpin’s giant robot with his giant robot. This means nothing you have ever seen me write is the dumbest thing I have ever written.


Thank you for reading!


-Budgerigar Orville Bigelow

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