The Budgie Report – 7/16

Ok. I decided to lay some random updates on you peeps more often. Just to let you know what’s been going on in the mind and outside of Budgerigar Orville Bigelow.

In no particular order:



There it is. My first ebook has been out for a full month (and a few days) now. By my measure, it was a huge success. The people who contacted me after reading seem to love it, and I had some interactions via twitter from people who want to check it out. Not too bad for someone that started writing as a hobby in his spare time. I’m glad it’s getting such an awesome reaction!


Here’s a link: 
Askharoth on

Also, my friend Lou (@imahandyguy) started a gofundme site to raise money to but Favstar bonus features for twitter and get me some other helpful promtion tools. There are still prizes available. I am giving away the Favstar trophies (for those tweeters who want some), autographed pics of me in my tunic (#TunicTwitter), and Tunic Skyping (it’s exactly what it sounds like… me skyping you in my tunic).  Check it out… Lou promised that I would do these things if you donated, and I am a man of Lou’s word.

Do not disappoint Lou.


The Battle for New Millennium

I’m having a ton of fun with my first ever sequel: The Battle for New Millennium. I see it’s been getting hits, but I haven’t gotten too much feedback. I haven’t posted “prime-time” links for the last few chapters, but I’ll get on it tomorrow. I was on vacation last week, so I pumped out a ton of chapters. The end is near for this one! The clock is ticking…. Should cap it off at 14 (maybe 15) chapters.  Stay tuned!


Despeartly Seeking Shemale

I’ve been working on my next ebook, Despeartly Seeking Shemale, too. The biggest complaint I got about the 4-part short story version was that it was too short. Otherwise, it is one of my most popular stories. I’ve written a whole new prologue, seriously revamped Chapters 1 and 2, and am getting ready to add a whole new twist on the rest of the story.  I’m hoping to have this out in September sometime, so look forward to it!


Random stuff

I know I slacked on my column, The Bulge, lately. I’ve written a new one that is submitted called Super Lana Del Rey Kart, where I compare and contrast the new Super Mario Kart and Lana Del Rey’s new album, Ultraviolence. This should be out soon. I am finishing up a piece called #YesAllThors due to Marvel’s decision to turn Thor into a chick. I’m also writing a long, overdue obituary for my favorite cartoon, Futurama. 

I started a short story called “I am he who reaps“. I won’t say any more, but I really like the material I put together for this one. Half of it is still in outline form, so it has some work…  I’ll more than likely get this out after New Millennium is complete.

I had a rash of requests to start Season 2 of Freedom Lane. For those who haven’t see it: This is a sitcom I wrote in short-story form. Season 1 ran six episodes… Season 2 will probably run around the same. With luck, I’ll have at least four of them. Season 2 will likely be my next project once I finish The Battle for New Millennium and Reaps.


The Plugs

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Is that all? I hope so… I’m ready for bed.



I’ll be updating more often from now on. If you have anything you want to ask, do so on twitter and I’ll answer it here (unless I can do it in 140 characters).


Stay loose, my friends.




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