The Battle for New Millennium Chapter 4: Kiz’s Gambit

The Battle for New Millennium
Chapter 4: Kiz’s Gambit

Kasayda Kiz marched through the DPA facility with seven human-sized demons in toe. She looked down the cooriders and hallways searching for something. “You three go up,” She said, motioning to her left. “The others go down. I have a feeling its in the bowels of this place.” The three demons to her right nodded and ran off towards a stairwell. “You stay with me, Abboe.”

The demon that followed directly behind her now moved to her side. Abboe nodded once and matched his stride with hers. He shed his disguise as a human bodyguard, and his skin went back to its original form. It was rocky and covered in spikes. The back of both of his hands were topped with one large spike each that protruded foward. His large shoulders rocked as he walked beside Kiz.

“Be ready,” Kiz said to Abboe. “The big guys are probably at the airport, but that does not mean they did not leave someone behind just in case it was diversion. I do not intend to underestimate our enemy.”

Abboe grunted. He didn’t say much, but what he lacked in verbal skills he more than made up for in muscle. Suddenly, a group of guards with guns drawn came running down the hall, and Abboe was put to the test. He lunged past Kiz as the guards took aim. He used the spikes on his hands to take out the guards as he passed. He made quick work of the group, and return to Kiz when the men were piled in a heap.

“Good work,” Kiz said. She continued past the bodies as if they weren’t there. The DPA opened up to a large room. Kiz stopped and looked around. “It is not here,” she told Abboe. “We keep moving.”

“You’ll stop here,” a voice said, defiantly. “You won’t kill anyone else.”

Kiz turned to look at Gabriel Cogs, who was standing less than a hundred feet from her. She nearly laughed at his commend. “They leave the damaged robot to defend while the others seek glory?” she asked, smiling. Abboe stepped forward, but Kiz put up a hand to stop him. “I shall take care of this one. I do not intend to let you have all of the fun.”

“Leave now and I’ll let you walk away!” Gabriel called as Kiz approached.

“You shout needlessly,” Kiz said. “I have no intention on leaving until I find the prize that I came here for. My name is Kasayda Kiz, and I thank you in advance for the dance.” Kiz raised her right hand and pointed at Gabriel, her fingers turning to spiked tendrils once more. Bright white teeth showed behind her blood-red mouth as she smiled.


Jonah, Killian, and Rock rushed into the airport behind the Wolf soldiers that were already aiming and firing at the large demon that was tearing apart the airport apart. The demon was no on top of a plane that was full of screaming passengers. The Wolves fired into the demon, but they made no difference. Helicopters circled above, waiting for the order to open fire.

“Any ideas?” Rock asked his cousin.

“Just one,” Jonah said. He stopped and held his sword in front of him.

“Remember our training,” Killian said. “Feel the demons aura, and use that to summon the strength of Barachiel.”

Jonah breathed in and focused on the aura rather than the scared innocents trapped in the plane under the huge demon’s feet. “Be my shield,” he said. He moved his left arm to the his side where a large silver and white shield appeared.

“Be my armor,” Jonah said. Rock continued to watch in astonishment as a white mist emanated from Jonah’s sword and enveloped his body. When the beautiful aura was gone Jonah was wearing a white chest-piece and cloak.

“Be my beacon of death,” Jonah said in a defiant tone. “Barachiel!” He looked at the demon atop the plane as his sword shone with a fierce brightness.

Jonah rushed towards the plane with a quickness he never knew his cousin to have before. The man he called Killian rushed forward with him, now holding a sword that looked like it had several thick hooks protruding from the blade. He blinked, and the facade of the man was gone, and a black skinned demon ran beside Jonah. Rock panicked for a moment and raised his gun at the black demon’s back.

“Do not fire up on me,” a voice said from inside his mind. “I am an ally. I shall protect your cousin with my life if need be.”

The voice was gone, and Rock watched as the pair made their way past the members of the New Millennium Wolves (who had stopped firing their weapons as the pair passed). Rock slowed when he was in shouting distance of his men. “Hold you fire!” he shouted before they could start shooting again. He counted eleven of the eighteen men he brought with him still remained.

“What’s wrong?” a man named Greer said, turning towards Rock.

“We have no hope of stopping that giant,” Rock said. “Any hope there is lies within my cousin, Jonah. He’s the only one prepared to deal with something like this.”

“What is that thing,” Greer asked. “Is it another man in robotic armor like Rev?”

“No,” Rock answered. “It’s something much worse.”


Gabriel ducked as the tendrils of Kasayda Kiz’s hand swept passed his head. She was quick, but so was he thanks to his mechanical parts. He may not have been at one hundred percent, but his reflexes were still intact. If he could keep from taking too much damage, he had a chance of beating this demoness that had marched right into the front doors of the DPA.

Gabriel wished he had his energy sword and hard-power shield. Sands had told him they had been repaired, but Gabriel had no idea where they were kept. He had no intention on wielding them again for The Post, but now he wished he had at least asked. He felt helpless without them.

“Oh how he dances around,” Kiz said as she whipped her hand towards Gabriel again. This time he jumped back as four large gashes appeared in the floor where he had just been standing. His eyes saw more than normal humans (thanks to them not being his original eyes), and he was able to see Kiz’s movements much clearer than he would have before the accident. There was a slight twinge in Kiz’s wrist before she snapped razor sharp fingers like a whip.

Gabriel decided to make his move the next time he noticed this movement. He felt the internal mechanics of his legs moving into place. He wondered if Sands had done enough repairs to his legs to warrant such a move, but then decided that there was no time to think about that. Lives were on the line, and Gabriel still had the massive demon watching from behind Kiz to worry about as well.

Gabriel saw it. The faint movement of her wrist before her fingers would lash out towards him. He knew from the angle that she was going to come in from the left. He moved right, away from the tendrils, watching her other hand for some kind of trick. Her right wrist moved slightly as he got closer to the demoness, and he changed his movements accordingly. His body flowed better than a human’s muscles ever could. He couldn’t remember being able to move so fluidly even before his fight with Rev. This must’ve been some of that new tech that Sands had told him about.

Gabriel picture himself as a snake as he turned. His midsection turned with legs, but that’s where the previous damage showed itself. Something felt like fire on his insides, and it bolted from his hip up his back to the right of his spine. He slowed for a split second, but that was all the time Kiz needed to counter his attack.

Kiz lashed out with her leg this time. She rammed her knee into Gabriel’s abdomen. He had haphazardly slammed that particular piece of armor on as he left Sands minutes earlier. He was glad that he did. The blow would of killed him otherwise. As it was, he was only paralyzed with pain.


Jonah ran toward the plane as the demon on top of it raised two massive fists into the sky. Jonah knew if he brought them down he’d kill everyone in the plane’s cabin, and he intended not to let that happen. He shrouded himself in Barachiel’s aura as he leapt from the ground. He used Barachiel’s power to propel himself through the air like a flesh-made spear.

The demon caught sight of Jonah a millisecond before he arrived. The demon swung his huge fist sideways instead of down, and nearly took Jonah’s head off. If Jonah didn’t force his momentum downwards, he would have been killed for sure. Jonah landed atop the plane as the demon quickly turned, aiming a large punch towards Jonah. Jonah raised his shield, and the demon’s fist hit that instead. Jonah was forced backwards a few feet, but the shield had taken most of the blow. When he lowered it, he saw smoke coming from the demon’s hand.

The demon roared at Jonah. “Any time now, Killian,” Jonah said under his breath. The demon stomped a massive foot down on the plain, causing the metal to shriek and bend under the pressure. The demon lunged forward, and Jonah lunged to meet it.

Killian glided above Jonah’s head and threw a handful of the shrapnel-like blades he kept hidden under his cloak. The blades landed around the demon’s eyes, but didn’t seem to do much damage. The demon blinked and raked his hand across his face, but that was all the opening Jonah needed.

Jonah changed his trajectory and slid between the demon’s legs rather than try and slash it straight on, like it was expecting. He slashed his sword across the back of the demon’s knee before turning and putting himself upright. He put some space in between himself and the demon before turning to face it once more.

The demon ignored the pain Jonah knew it was feeling in its leg. The area around the knee had already started to blister and burn. This demon’s skin was hard and scaly, so it burned slow. Jonah wasn’t sure if it could be taken down by such a small wound, so he lunged once more. The demon lunged to meet him.


The demon forgot about Killian in its rage. Killian watched as it went after Jonah, leaving him in its wake. Killian took advantage and launched himself onto the demon’s back. The demon took little notice, so Killian took advantage by swinging downwards with his hooked sword, attempting to expose the demon’s spine under the skin where its head and neck met.

The demon flinched as if he were bit by a mosquito. Killian noticed that his blow did noting more than annoy the demon. Its skin was thick, and Killian’s hooked sword wasn’t enough to break much of it. Killian swung his sword again, opening a wound befor ehe was noticed. The back of demon’s hand swung up suddenly, and Killian was flying through the air after it hit. He felt like a boulder had just been dropped on him.

Killian hit the wing of the plane hard, then landed on the hard ground below. He turned to get up and found that his body didn’t want to respond. He healed faster than any human thanks to his demonic blood, but it wouldn’t be enough to get him moving again. Instead, he reached out with his mind.

He found Jonah’s mind first, but he was too focused on the fight for Killian to attempt to interfere. Jonah was using the same technique of changing his patterns as the demon tried to strike out at him. This time, the demon hit the plane with the blow intended to crush Jonah, and the entire plane rocked. Killian could hear the screams of the scared humans inside. Jonah made another scratch on the demon’s arm this time, but it still wasn’t enough to get through the demon’s skin.

He found Rock’s mind next. Rock was intend and focused. He had a grenade launcher prepped and ready to fire at the demon, but he wanted to be sure that Jonah failed before he used it. If he miscalculated, there would be a lot of deaths on Rock’s conscience. If Rock failed to act, it would have the same results.

Killian suddenly got an idea. Since his body was momentarily broken, he decided to ask Rock if he would oblige a request. Killian closed his eyes and reached out to Rock.


“Rock Judge,” a voice said from inside Rock’s head. It startled Rock. He nearly pulled the trigger of the grenade launcher in his hands. “I did not mean to scare you. I am Killian. I came here with your cousin.”

“The black demon?” Rock thought. He somehow knew that the demon who called himself Killian would hear him this way. “Get out of my head!”

“In time,” Killian said. “I could have taken over your body, but this way seemed more appropriate, and your aim with that grenade   launcher may be better than mine.”

“What the hell are you talking about?” Rock asked with his mind’s voice.

“Jonah needs help,” Killian said. “He needs your help.”

“I’m listening.”


Jonah was running out of ideas. It was taking all his effort to balance himself on top of the plane as the demon made run after run on him. The demon wasn’t smart enough to see that Jonah changed directions each time, but Jonah didn’t know how many more times that particular trick was going to work. Jonah needed to put this demon down for good, and do it soon.

The demon got ready to charge again, and Jonah did the same until he heard Killian’s voice inside his head.


Jonah froze. The demon began to run as something came flying towards him. Something the size of a baseball was hurtling itself into the space the demon was about to occupy. Jonah reckoginzed what it was, and shielded his eyes.

At first glance, it looked as if the grenade was going to miss the demon entirely, but it hit its back right shoulder before detonating. The grenade did little damage, but the demon turned quickly to see what had hit him. Jonah had unshielded his eyes, and saw what he was supposed to see: the wound on the back of its neck that Killian had started.

Jonah flung himself forward before the demon could turn around once more. He plunged Barachiel into the demon’s wound and twisted the blade. This time, the wound Barachiel made began burning with a white hot intensity. The demon roared in pain as it burned from the inside out. The demon fell to the ground with a thud that shook the plane, its head engulfed in blue and white flames.


“That was too easy,” Killian said, propping himself up on the hood of one of the Wolves’ trucks.

“You nearly got killed,” Rock said. “All of us. Some of my men died in the fight. They’re still counting the dead inside. How was this too easy?”

“Killian’s right,” Jonah said, ignoring Rock’s verbal jab. “A mindless demon running amok. It doesn’t make any sense. I feel like we’re missing something here.”

“Look -” Rock began. He was interrupted when Willow ran over, nearly bowling into him.

“There’s no radio contact with HQ,” she said. “I tried the telephone as well. No answer from anywhere in the building.”

“That’s it,” Jonah said, looking in the direction of the DPA. “They wanted to draw us out.”

“For what?” Rock asked.

“Doesn’t matter,” Willow said. “Rock, get as many men as you can and get to the DPA. Jonah, you ride with me. Killian, you seek medical attention.”

Killian didn’t say anything. To his kind medical attention was a dark corner where they could painfully knit their own wounds back together with demonic power. It drained their chi and life force to do so, but there was nothing a hospital would do for him.

The others left, and Killian put forth a disguise as he crawled into the back of one of the Wolves’ trucks to heal. He could barely walk, let alone help fight another battle. He closed his eyes and tried to think what was so important at the DPA that they had to lure Jonah away.


Gabriel Cogs writhed in pain on the floor in the main corridor of the DPA. His mostly-mechanical body was failing him as he faced off alone against two demons. One of them was on the verge of killing him, and the other stood silently, watching.

“I thought you would dance better than that,” Kiz said, walking towards Gabriel. “I think it’s time we finished this.”

Kiz’s hand once again turned to razor-sharp tendrils. Gabriel readied his body for his final attack. It was more painful than anything he experienced before, but he readied his body anyway. Kiz raised her hand over her head and began to bring it back down in a blow that would cut Gabriel to pieces. Gabriel pumped his right foot into the floor, propelling himself forward.

Gabriel threw his first up towards Kiz, hitting the bottom of her chin with an uppercut. Kiz’s feet left the ground as he body hurled through the air. She hadn’t even started her descent when Gabriel was pinned to the floor by the foot of her partner.

“Now that was fun,” Kiz said, getting up from the floor and rubbing her chin. “You should have fought like that before. Let him up, Abboe. I intend to finish him myself.”

Abboe did as he was instructed. Gabriel tried to get up again, but he fell back down onto his chest. He felt Kiz’s fingers enter his body in four different places as she lifted him from the ground. He was forcefully turned to face her. It took all of his effort not to scream out in pain.

Kiz looked like she was about to say something when her attention was taken off of him. She looked past Gabriel to the other end of the room. “You found it,” she said. “Excellent.”

“It was locked away in the bowels of this place,” a raspy voice said. “Just like you suspected, my mistress.”

“Get it loaded into the truck,” Kiz said.

“There is a slight problem,” the raspy voice said again. “The poison was taken out. We do not have time to find out what they did with it.”

“No matter,” Kiz said. “As long as the primary function still works. You did well.”

As the demons passed by, Gabriel craned his neck to see if he was right about what they were wheeling out. He turned to see the demons pushing out the device he had stopped Rev from using to destroy New Millennium six months ago.

“No,” Gabriel said. “You can’t have it!”

“Defiant to the very end,” Kiz said, smiling. “If you can live after today, you deserve your life. I would have liked to face you at the top of your form. We could have had fun, you and I. Goodbye, Gabriel Cogs.”

Kiz punched Gabriel in the chest, flinging him backwards and forcefully out of her tendrils. He landed on the ground clutching his chest. His all too human heart felt as if it were going to explode.

Now that she had her prize, Kiz turned away from Gabriel and left with Abboe by her side.

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