The Battle for New Millennium Chapter 3: The Broken Calm

The Battle for New Millennium
Chapter 3: The Broken Calm

Rusty Jacobs sat nervously. He needed a fix. Badly. He was starting to twitch and felt what little food that was in his stomach begin to turn. The woman he met on the street offered him a fix. She offered to take away the pain. She offered him the world. All he had to do was wait in this dank and cramped room for her to return.

Finally, the door opened, and the woman entered. She looked different from before. Her skin was paler. Almost bright white. Her nails looked darker and sharper. She looked taller too. She wore a black cloak with a black corset and knee-high boots. Rusty wondered what he had gotten himself into.

“I am sorry for the deception,” the woman said. “My name is Kiz. Kasayda Kiz.”

“My fix,” Rusty said, rubbing his left arm. “You said that you could give me a fix.”

“In time,” Kiz said, nearly crooning. “There is a circle drawn on the ground. I want you to kneel in its center.”

Rusty looked at the floor of the small room. There was indeed a circle drawn on it. He wondered how he had missed it this whole time. Rusty did as he was told and knelt in its center.

“Do you willingly agree to accept the gift that I am ready to offer?” Kiz asked.

“I just want my fix,” Rusty said, beginning to sweat.

“Yes or no, human?” Kiz asked, walking around the outside of the white circle. “Answer me!”

“Yes,” Rusty breathed, painfully aware that he no longer knew where the bone-white woman was was as she circled around him.

“Very good,” Kiz said. Suddenly there was a sharp pain in Rust’s back where Kiz plunged the knife. The pain was harsh, but subsided almost immediately. Rusty thought he’d fall to the floor and die painfully, but he amazingly felt better.

“You are ready,” Kiz said. Rusty found himself willing to obey any command the beautiful demoness standing in front of him was about to issue. “I want you to go to New Millennium Airport. There is a ticket in your name.”

“You want me to take a flight?” Rusty asked.

“No,” Kasayda Kiz answered. A blood-red smirk began to spread across her pale, white face. “Just wait. We shall do the rest.”


New Millennium Airport was busy as ever as people arrived and departed. Mothers dragged kids across the airport in a furor, trying to get to their gate on time. Airport security patrolled around the gate, looking for any signs of trouble. A boy dug through his bag looking for some toy or another. A man sat nervous and alone. The others in the airport kept wide berth of the man sitting and muttering to himself. Security kept an eye on him. They planned on giving him a extra thorough search as soon as he attempted to board a plane. He was already searched upon entrance, and found no weapons or anything he could use as one, but they didn’t want to leave anything up to chance.

Rusty Jacobs sat in the airport still thinking about the beautiful Kasayda Kiz while he waited, uncaring that people were watching him and that security had beat on him already. He didn’t know what he was waiting for. He no longer had the urge for the fix, but he was feeling a nervousness in the pit of his stomach when the face of the demoness sprang into his mind’s eye. The nervousness spread through his body, and eventually turned into beautiful pain.

Rusty fell on the ground. He was in immense pain as his muscles shredded themselves and his bones broke. He thought he’d die for the second time today when his skull split and his spine sprouted spikes from the back. He suddenly had a flash of a memory that wasn’t his before he saw no more.

An old man with a gray beard was stroking his black forehead. He muttered some words in some foreign language, and he went into a rage. He tried to break free and break the old man in half, but the chains around his neck. torso, and arms were too strong. He said some more words, and suddenly he was gone. All that was left of him was a knife made from bone that held his essence.

Now, that essence poured out into Rusty Jacobs as he writhed on the airport floor, changing. Security guards came with their guns drawn, but they didn’t know whether or not to shoot or help the man on the ground. By the time that they decided they should shoot the man that was turning into some kind of monster, it was too late. Their bullets had no effect as the monster arose nearly nine feet tall and as wide as three men. He roared in rage before beginning to tear New Millennium airport apart.

Rock Judge arrived at New Millennium Airport ahead of his assault squad. He got out of his truck and looked over the wreckage. Whatever had caused this chaos started in the gate and erupted towards the outside. Rock looked out with his binoculars to see if he can see the individual or individuals responsible for this act of terrorism. Rock was shocked to see the huge monster rampaged on the runway. The other trucks pulled up behind him, and the men got out armed with assault rifles. The awaited orders.

“Contain the beast,” Rock said loudly. “Contain and put him down, by any means necessary.”

Rock’s team of eighteen ran off into the airport with their guns drawn. They all wore flak jackets and armor that would protect them in a fire fight, but Rock wasn’t sure how’d they fair against a demon. He heard Jonah’s story of what happened the night he and Gabe confronted the madman Rev, but didn’t fully believe that his cousin had actually fought and killed a demon. Now, he was staring one down, and the entire city was watching this time.

“What can I do?” Mona asked in Rock’s earpiece. She had stayed behind to dispatch any support that Rock might need.

“Send in a couple of choppers,” Rock said. “The ones with the Gatling guns.”

“Roger,” Mona said. “On their way. Anything else?”

“Yeah,” Rock said reluctantly. “Call Willow Bowman at the DPA. Tell her to get Jonah and his friend down here ASAP.”


Jonah crossed his office to the door. There was an urgent banging from the other side. He kept offices in his tower, at his home, and here at the DPA. He spent most of his time at the latter, remaining vigilant if a threat should arrive. Today, that vigilance was realized.

Jonah opened the door to find an out of breath Willow standing outside it. “We have to go,” she said. “Now!”

Jonah left his office without argument. He’d been waiting for this moment since his battle with Nilas Nil ended over six months ago. “What is it?” he asked as the walked the cooriders to the transport deck.

“Demon attack,” Willow said quickly. “We need to find Killian.”

“I’m here,” Killian said, walking in stride with Willow and Jonah as if he was always there.

“I hate when you do that,” Willow said. “We have multiple casualties reported at the NM Airport. Rock says a demon materialized there and began attacking. The Wolves are having a hard time keeping him occupied. Killian, do you think you can slow him down with some mind trick of yours?”

“Possibly,” Killian said. “If they know I’m coming, they may be prepared for it. This all seems suspicsious to me. Why would they attack a human population in the middle of the day and reveal themselves? It could be a trap.”

“It more than likely is a trap of some kind,” Jonah said. “I can’t stand by and let them destroy human lives. How’s Gabe doing?”

“I stopped to see him first,” Willow said. “Sands said he isn’t ready to fight, and Gabriel didn’t budge to argue. We don’t have the time, so I let him be.”

“I’ve sensed much doubt and remorse in him,” Killian said. “His transformation into a mechanized warrior was not his choice. Neither was his fight with Rev. Killing a man, even to save a city, has stained his psyche. All we can do is wait and pray that he comes out of it. It’s not Gabriel that worries me. It is this demon destroying the airport for all to see.”

“Agreed,” Willow said. “If you don’t like what you see you can back out, Killian, but we’re going to stop this monster to whatever end.”

The trio arrived at the transport bay and started piling in the back of an armored truck. “I am not backing out,” Killian said. “I’m just suggesting that we all watch our backs. The forces of Hell are up to something here. It would be wise for us to tread extremely carefully.”

The DPA’s transport arrived with Willow, Jonah, and Killian, who were armed and ready to fight. Killian projected his image as a DPA soldier in a black flak jacket and shirt. The only one who could see him was Jonah, who had trained his mind against psychic attacks and intrusions. They were greeted by Jonah’s cousin, Rock, who was checking a rocket launcher.

“I’m glad you’re here,” Rock said, looking at Jonah. “We have a bit of a demon issue.”

“Are you happy that you finally got to see one?” Jonah asked. He didn’t mean for it to come off as rude as it did. A lot had happened since Jonah took down the demon Nilas Nil and told his cousin that the time The Post had trained for was upon the. Rock, who was adamant against the teachings of The Post, had sought for some other explanation for what had happened. A rift formed between the Jonah and Rock, who were normally very close.

“I see it,” Rock said, looking away from Jonah. “I’m still not sure if I believe it. Do you think you can stop it?”

“We’ll do are best to stop it,” Jonah said, stepping next to his cousin despite the tension. “Killian, do you think you can shut its mind down?”

“I can try,” Killian said. He extended his hand forward towards the demon who was now trying to tear an engine off a parked plane. He closed his eyes in concentration, then he stumbled back a few steps. “I cannot,” Killian said. “His mind is in turmoil. Whoever sent him here did so only to cause death and destruction. Nothing more. My forte is fighting with my mind. I am afraid that my skills will not assist you.”

“Your fighting skills will,” Jonah said. “If you can blind him with your blades, I think can finish him off.” Jonah unsheathed Barachiel from its scabbard and held it in front of him with his right hand. He could already feel the intense hunger now that the sword was in the presence of the demon. “How does that sound?”

“Sounds like a plan I can handle,” Killian said. “Lead the way.”


A woman in a black DPA uniform entered the New Millennium Department of Paranormal Activity. The two guards at the front door looked up from behind their large desk. As far as they knew, everyone except facility and emergency personnel had rushed out to the New Millennium Airport.

“Do you have an ID Badge?” Keller asked, getting up.

“No, I do not,” the woman said.

“I’m sorry,” Keller said. “I can’t grant you entry. Not when we’re at Code Orange. If you can step into the containment area, we can sort this out when the Code has passed.”

The woman smiled. Keller must have missed it, but his partner, Jones, saw the flickers of her hand as it transformed into what looked like a tree root. He tried to draw his gun, but the tendrils that used to be the woman’s fingers shot towards him and pierced his chest and stomach in a dozen places. He died as his body was pinned to the wall.

The tendrils quickly turned back into fingers, and those fingers raked across Keller’s throat. His hands went to his neck as he fell to the floor, where he bled out and died.

“That was much easier than sneaking about,” Kasayda Kiz said as her form rippled, turning back into her own. Black hair, pale white skin, black nails, black corset, and knee high boots. She signaled the others that had come with her to follow her inside. She fought against a shudder of pleasure as she entered the main corridor. She was ready to have some fun.


Gabriel Cogs stared at a spot on the ceiling as Dr. Isaac Sands worked on him. He was finally starting to feel better, and that somehow depressed him. He didn’t have much of his armor on him today (it was being worked on and reshaped), so Dr. Sands was taking advantage by working on the circuitry that assisted his remaining human organs.

“How do you suppose the others are fairing at the airport?” Sands asked, genuinely worried. Gabriel knew how Sands longed to be out in combat with the others. He was a genius of a bio-mechanical doctor, so his place was inside the DPA facility, building and repairing the soldiers. At least one of them.

“I’m sure they’re having a blast,” Gabriel said. “Jonah’s sword hand has been itchy. I’m sure he was excited to hear that a demon was maiming and killing. He finally gets to see some action today.”

Sands put down his equipment. “I don’t think that’s true,” he said. “I know you’re new to The Post, but we practice preparation. Jonah isn’t eager to see hoards of demons killing and destroying, but he is prepared to deal with it. Must like I was prepared to help you in your situation.”

“The Post pulled me from that wreck and turned me into this machine to make me a warrior too,” Gabriel said, flexing a mechanical hand that. “If my armor and body was up to par, I’d be there too.”

“This same old conversation,” Dr. Sands said. “You have the heart of a hero.”

“My heart,” Gabriel said with a sick laugh. “That’s the piece of me that doesn’t want to work anymore. Are you sure I was cut out for this?”

“Rev was stopped,” Dr. Sands said. “That’s worth something. You’ll surprise yourself, I’m sure of it.”

An alarm started howling through the entire facility. Sands jumped. “Shit,” Sands said looking around.

“What’s that alarm?” Gabriel asked.

“We have an intruder,” Dr. Sands said.

Gabriel turned and jumped down on the floor, surprising himself sooner than Sands would have guessed. Perhaps he was right after all. Gabriel intended to fight.

“No!” Dr. Sands said, sensing what Gabriel’s intentions were. “Your body isn’t healed and you’re missing most of your armor. You’re in no condition to fight!”

Archer Post found his way into Gabriel’s scattered thoughts, wiping away an amount of doubt and uncertainly. The two had only spoken briefly when Gabriel was having doubts soon after awaking from a coma to find most of his body gone, but that short chat left a lasting impression. Post’s sacrifice in the face of evil made an even stronger impression. Gabriel was fine with ignoring his own life as it slowly dwindled away, but he wouldn’t sit idly by when innocents were being killed. His sister wouldn’t want that for him.

“One thing is clear to me,” Gabriel said, turning his back on Sands and walking towards the door. He slammed the thin piece of metal back into where his abdomen would be if he still had one. “Whatever drew the others out is a diversion. The real fight is here, and I’m the only one left. Armor or not, whoever did this is going to be sorry I stayed behind.”

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