The Battle for New Millennium: Prologue

The Battle for New Millennium
Prologue: The Death of Archer Post

Jonah Judge watched as the oozing pile of sludge that used to be the demon Nilas Nil washed away with the last of the night’s rain. He had fought a hard battle against the demon alongside his friends Killian and Archer Post. His cousin and his partner, Rock Judge and Gabriel Cogs, were heading back towards headquarters.

“We should not stay too long,” Killian was saying. “We drew too much attention with the fight. The people will still be confused after Deskue’s psychic attack as well. My mind is not enough to mask his presence.”

Jonah took one last look at the sludge and ash draining into the sewers of New Millennium city before turning to leave the scene of the short but brutal battle.

“Where’s Post?” Jonah asked looking around.

Killian looked as well, but he used his mind as well as his eyes. He picked up a stray thought from Archer Post. “He is down that alley,” Killian said. “He is badly hurt!”

Jonah didn’t want for any more information. He ran down the alley and found Post on the ground bleeding from a large wound across his front. “Get an ambulance!” Jonah called to Killian.

“No,” Killian replied. “I can hear Archer’s thoughts. He was dying before this wound was given to him. He wants to impart his final words to you.”

“Tell me,” Jonah said, looking into Archer Post’s bearded face. “Tell me.”

“He cannot speak,” Killian said. “I will have to tell you.”

Jonah nodded, not taking his eyes off of Post’s.

“You did well,” Killian said, speaking for Post. “But your training is far from over. I’ve imparted my knowledge into Killian’s mind. He will have to finish your training. Nil’s defeat was only a minor setback for the demons that will surely come. They may lay low after this to give you a false sense of security. Do not let them take you by surprise. Preparation and vigilance. Always.”

Jonah nodded at the words of The Post that he head from his father and uncle countless times growing up and training for the moment when The Post would be his to lead. Now, it seems, that time has finally come.

“Beware of Caim,” Killian said.

Finally, Post’s eyes closed, and he took his final breath. Jonah lowered his head as he placed Post’s head on the ground.

“You will do him proud,” Killian said. “There is much work to be done now.”

“There always is,” Jonah said, standing up. “There always is. Our opposition has probably already started planning. I intend to do the same.”


Kasayda Kiz threw an oak desk across Jano Xing’s hidden chamber with one hand. She knew her lover, Nilas Nil, had been defeated by the human Jonah Judge, and she wanted immediate revenge.

“You shall not seek revenge on this night,” Jano Xing said, entering his sanctum. He was an old man, but inside the shell of the old man was the soul of an dark sorcerer. “We must concede to the shadows for the time being. There is no glory to be had with your petty revenge.”

“Glory?” Kiz said. Her demonic blood pumped through her pale white skin. “I care not for glory!I merely want Judge’s head on a stake. I do not care if I have to kill you to get to him!”

“Careful,” Xing said. “You are valuable to me, but I shall not tolerate insubordination from you again.”

“Get out of my way!” Kiz yelled, charging at Xing. She raked towards him with her talon-like fingernails, meaning to take Xing’s head form his shoulders if he didn’t move. Instead, she found herself in a great amount of pain, and lying in a heap on the floor.

“I warned you, Kiz,” Jano Xing said. Kiz had no idea he was that powerful, or that he was able to toss around a demon like that. “Can I let you up, or are you going to try to kill me again?”

“Let me up,” Kiz said, conceding to the fact that she couldn’t defeat the sorcerer in a fair battle. “But I will only give you seconds to tell my why I cannot behead Jonah Judge tonight.”

“We need to bide our time,” Jano Xing said. “There have been things in motion long before Nilas Nil was dispatched to New Millennium. You have to realize that his failure was total. His task was to kill Jonah Judge, and return to Hell with Killian. He attempted to have the human Deskue take care of Jonah and Killian in one motion, or at least weaken them, and his miscalculation led to his death and Judge’s awakening as Barachiel’s warrior.”

“Do not speak ill of Nilas again,” Kiz said, pointing a talon towards Xing’s throat.

“It is the truth,” Xing said. “Besides, I have had enough of tossing you around tonight. Next time you attack me, I shall kill you before you draw a single droplet of my blood. Test me if you think I am joking.”

Kiz lowered her hand. She had her orders as Nilas did. Her orders were to obey Xing and assist him in any way he saw fit. Failure to do so would result in her immediate return to Hell where she’d be tortured for a century to learn her place.

“Good,” Xing said. “As I was trying to say: We have much to do in the coming months. The coming of Tsu-Kata is nearly upon us.”

“Tsu-Kata?” Kiz asked, looking into Jano Xing’s eyes for the first time since he scolded her. “I had heard that she had been imprisoned on earth somewhere. So she has been found?”

“Your story is not entirely true,” Xing said, feeding Kiz’s curiosity. “Tsu-Kata was never imprisoned. She chose to stay silent for quite sometime in the dark recesses of the earth. It seemed that living amongst the humans became a bore to her. I convinced her to return.”

“So she is here?” Kiz asked.

“Not yet,” Xing said. “We have much to do. Tsu-Kata’s arrival marks the beginning of the end for this foul city. The forces of Hell plan on taking this city, and need Tsu-Kata to assist. She arrives in six months’ time.”

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