X-Men: A Cabin in Alaska

X-Men: A Cabin in Alaska

Lorna Dane AKA Polaris giggled as she put down her wine glass. She nearly spilt it on her bright green sweater is as Jean Grey told her a funny joke. Alex Summers AKA Havok smiled at his girlfriend. It was a great idea for his brother, Scott AKA Cyclops, to invite them up to stay in their Alaskan cabin with them for a long weekend. It was a nice, relaxing change of pace from their normal lives of keeping the world safe for mutant kind.

“I think we’re about ready for some firewood,” Scott said. His ruby quartz visor shone as it reflected the flames from the fireplace. “Want to help me out, Alex?”

“Sure,” Alex said getting up. Lorna gave him a wide smile.

“Hurry back, boys,” Jean said. Her red hair almost looked as if it was glowing in the light of the fire. “I think we could use another bottle of wine, too.”

“I’m already a bit tipsy,” Lorna said. Jean refilled her glass regardless as the two started giggling again. “I haven’t had this much fun in forever!”

Scott and Alex put on their thick jackets and headed outside to the snow and frost covered backyard. There was wood on the ground. Alex began to pick it up.

“Not yet, little brother,” Scott said digging in the snow. He pulled up a small bottle of Jack Daniels, wiped the snow off, and unscrewed the cap. He took a swig before handing the bottle to Alex.

“I don’t know,” Alex said.

“Come on,” Scott said. “I thought they called you Havok for a reason. I don’t think the rest of X-Factor will take to calling their leader ‘Pussy’ instead.”

Alex snatched the bottle from his older brother and took a huge swig from it. He grimaced as the booze burned his throat.

“Atta boy,” Scott said setting a log on a tree stump. “I’ll blast them. You stack them.” Cyclops blasted the small log with an optic blast. Red light filled the yard. There wasn’t a house for miles who would see them. When it was done, Alex began picking up the pieces and stacking them by the back door. He caught a glimpse of Lorna and Jean inside laughing again.

“They seem to be getting along pretty well,” Alex said.

Scott looked into the window after taking another swig of Jack Daniels. “Extremely well,” he said handing the bottle back to Alex who put the bottle to his lips slower than last time. “Is there any chance Lorna is into chicks?” Scott asked.

Alex nearly spit Jack Daniels across the backyard. “You asshole!” he exclaimed. “You did that on purpose!”

Scott laughed. “Maybe,” he said shrugging. “That’s what big brothers are for. I’m serious, though. Has Lorna ever gotten it on with another chick?”

Alex looked visibly embarrassed as Scott observed him from behind his visor. His brother had always come off as such a downer and a dick. He had no idea if Scott was being serious or not.

“Jean has,” Scott said breaking the silence. “That’s why I’m asking. I think Jean and Lorna could have a lot of fun together.”

“You want to fuck Lorna?!” Alex said taking a step towards his brother.

“No!” Scott said putting his palms towards Alex. “Shit. I didn’t mean to offend you! I mean I would, but I won’t. Out of respect for you. Polaris is hot as fuck, though. I won’t deny it. The Summer boys have good taste in women.”

Alex started laughing. He didn’t spend much time with Alex due to their separate lives as mutant heroes. He couldn’t remember the last time they two had any kind of conversation that wasn’t about some mutant villain threatening the world. “Jean is pretty hot too,” Alex said finally relaxing. “But I don’t know. Things could get weird if we continue down this path.”

“It doesn’t have to,” Scott said after draining some more of the Jack. “I wouldn’t touch your girl and you don’t have to touch mine if you’re not comfortable with it. You and I just watch. That’s all. Jean and I have done this before.”

“You have?” Alex said perking up a bit.

Scott laughed and put another log on the stump. “Oh yeah,” he said. “You know Trish Tilby? That news anchor that Hank is on again off again with? Jean and her got drunk and went wild one night. Hank and I just watched them go at it for what seemed like hours. Hank and I were still cool in the morning.”

“Holy shit,” Alex said standing back so Scott could blast the log. “You’re not shitting me?”

“No way,” Scott said blasting the log. “Ever been to a Hellfire Club party? We have since we’ve buried the hatchet between them and the X-Men. That Emma Frost can tame a wild beast in the sack. Her and Jean went at it like animals. I gotta try and get another villainess.”

“No shit,” mused Alex as he picked up the pieces of wood.

“We have an arrangement with Psylocke to play every now and then,” Scott said. “Well, we did until she went nuts and tried to get me on her own. She’s fuckin wild in the sheets. Discreet too. Never told a soul about it.”

“So why did you have to break it off?” Alex asked putting the last of the wood Scott just blasted on the pile.

“She broke one of our rules,” Scott said handing the bottle of Jack back to Alex. “You have to set ground rules. I’m not allowed to bang girls without Jean. She’s not allowed to bang guys. Etcetera.”

“So she can’t bang other guys but you can have other women?” Alex asked.

“Only if she’s there,” Scott said. “Well, I let Bishop nail her on her birthday last year, but it was a surprise. She mentioned that she always wanted a black guy. He’s hung like a rhino! I’m surprised Jean didn’t need to use Xavier’s wheelchair when he was done with her.”

“What about Storm” Alex asked swigging the Jack. “That’s some shit I’d like to see.”

“We tried to crack that nut,” Scott said looking a bit sour. “She’s strictly dickly, if you get my meaning.”

“Jean couldn’t persuade her with her telepathy?” Alex asked.

“We’re swingers, Alex,” Scott said. “Not rapists. Jean won’t use her gifts that way.”

“I’m sorry,” Alex said brushing some wood chips off his arm. He was suddenly very embarrassed.

“Rogue is into the girl on girl stuff too,” Scott continued, changing the subject to save his brother’s composure. “But can’t do anything for obvious reasons. We have watched her do herself with Gambit once, though. It was pretty intense.”

“Shit,” Alex said. “I should have never left the mansion.”

Cyclops smiled at his brother. “So back to Lorna…”

“I don’t know,” Alex said. “We’ve talked and joked about it a bit, but with our schedules on X-Factor and everything else we never really had time to get out there and find someone. I think she’d be up for it, but it’s been a while since it’s come up. We can’t plan much when the world hangs in the balance almost constantly.”

“I heard that!” Scott said taking a swig of Jack before handing it off to Alex to kill it off. “So you’d be cool with it? I don’t really give a fuck about Lorna. She’s a big girl. She can push Jean off if she wants, and we can chalk it up to a drunken mishap. She doesn’t even have to know you and I had this little chat.”

Alex looked in the window again. Jean was examine the necklace Lorna was wearing. The two were close. Close enough to kiss if one of them only leaned in a bit.

“Fuck it,” Alex said after finishing the Jack. “I gotta see that shit.”

“Pick up some wood,” Scott said smiling. “I’ll take care of the rest inside. If Lorna gets offended, you can just stand up to me, and Jean will back down.”

Alex picked up an armful of wood and followed Scott inside. “You boys sure were gone a long time,” Jean said. “All that cold air get to your head? You forgot the wine.”

“I’m sorry,” Scott said. “I can go get it.”

“Don’t worry about it, husband of mine,” Jean said. The bottle of wine that was on the kitchen counter floated through the door and landed gently on the table. “I’m not nearly drunk enough if I can still float that bottle in here.”

Lorna giggled. Alex smiled at her, but noticed the look that went between Jean and Scott (even behind his visor). He knew of Scott and Jean’s physic rapport, and thought he knew what short conversation had just passed between the two.

“I’ve wanted to do something all night,” Jean said with a devilish smirk to Lorna.

“What?” Lorna asked with a nervous smile. Alex felt as if his stomach was on spin-dry.

“This,” Jean said leaning into Lorna and kissing her on the mouth.

“Jean!” Lorna said backing up a little. “Alex!” she said turning. “What’s going on?”

“I don’t know,” Alex said. He looked over at his brother for some sage-like advice.

“It’s no big deal,” Scott said. “Just a little drunken accident. Jean didn’t mean any offense by it.”

“It’s alright,” Lorna said a little flustered. “It just surprised me a bit.”

“Would it surprise you if I tried again?” Jean asked.

Lorna looked towards Alex again. “Babe?”

“It’s alright,” Alex said. “If you really want to, that is.”

“We’re all friends here,” Scott added. “Nothing has to leave this cabin.”

“Alright,” Lorna said looking in Jean’s face. Jean smiled and leaned back in. This time Lorna leaned into it and opened her mouth to Jean’s instead of backing way. The two moved their mouths against each other’s. Alex caught his brother in the corner of his eye holding his fist towards Alex but not taking his eyes off the girls. Alex bumped it and gave Lorna and Jean his full attention.

Jean leaned on top of Lorna, who was now lying on the couch. She caressed her thigh gently and moved her hand up Lorna’s shirt. Lorna gasped in ecstasy when Professors X’s huge astral-projected head filled the den of the Summers’ cabin.

“To me, my X-Men!” he called. “Sinister is plotting -” He stopped dead. His floating head observed Jean and Lorna who were no pulling away from each other. “I’m sorry to be interrupting.”

“Where is Sinister?” Scott asked. “We can be on our way in five minutes!”

“Oh,” Professor X said. “I just remembered. Storm and Colossus already stopped him. Carry on.” With that, Professor X was gone.

The four looked at each other for a moment before Jean spoke. “Where were we, Lorna?” she asked. “Oh yeah. Right around second.” Jean climbed back on top of Lorna who greedily started kissing Jean again, leading her hand back under her green sweater.

Professor Xavier removed his Cerebro helmet. He was almost sweating.

“Did you find them” Storm said standing next to Xavier. “Are they on their way to help stop Sinister?”

“Ororo,” Xavier said. “Get. The. Fuck. Out.”

Once Storm was gone, Xavier put the Cerebro helmet back on his bald head, and undid his pants.


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