Every good man and woman in the Kingdom of Cendrillon knows the story of Cinderella. It is a tale of a beautiful and modest girl who was abused because of the greed and jealousy of her wicked stepmother. Then, a single night of magick changes her life; she finds love, and her life becomes a whimsical fantasy most can only dream of living. The young women who hear this lovely tale wish they too could be visited by a Fairy Godmother and be swept away by a charming prince to live happily ever after.

But that is not the full tale.

Unbeknownst to Cinderella, her fairy tale life was saturated with dark magick and evil workings that was all put together by the malevolent High Demon of Hell called Askharoth. Askharoth’s twisted plot spans Cinderella’s entire lifetime and affects everything and everyone around her.

Narrated by the titular demon, Askharoth’s tale of deception, violence, and drama goes through Cinderella’s life as a young girl, a Queen, and a widow in three separate, but equally intriguing parts. Askharoth only tells one piece of his story at a time, but as he puts it himself: “The pieces fall much better when they do not fall in order. Do you not agree?”

Budgie Bigelow brings a tale that is truly imaginative and delves into the tale of Cinderella like no other before. Askharoth is thrilling and cringe inducing as it is tear inducing. This is a tale that should not be read in the dark.

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