What’s Budgie been up to?

What’s Budgie been up to?
The post The Innocent edition!!


It’s been so long since I’ve written an update! I promised myself I wouldn’t do one until after I somehow finished writing The Innocent, and that one took forever! With family stuff, the holidays, and work it’s a wonder I got through that! Just to put it in perspective: The Prologue posted on November 23. Damn!

So what’s Budgerigar Orville Bigelow been up to for the last few months, and what’s he have planned for the future? Damn, you ask a lot of questions! Insolent brats!

First of all, let me thank everyone who took the time who read The Innocent. It started off as a short epic, but exploded into a 22 chapter monster! I don’t know how many people stuck with it, but now that its out there in its entirety I hope more people check it out. I am actually proud of how I ended this one. What was supposed to be one chapter ended up as 3 plus an epilogue. I seem to have a habit of doing that… Wolfsky evolved more than I had intended. I love that fucker.

Also, you may have noticed I updated my Mad Men fan fiction. I decided to tighten it up and claim it’s the leaked final episode of the show. It didn’t go viral, but I’m happy with the newer version. I added it to my Table of Contents page (which is now set as “sticky” so it’ll be the first post on the site).

Now onto my latest projects:

Those of you who follow my various twitter accounts probably know that I am adapting Askharoth into an ebook. This is true. I’m in the final stages (editing) of the first epic I wrote. Those of you who read the original version would notice new content as well as some scenes rewritten or rearranged (this version flows much better). There is also a kick ass cover by Shwebby, awesome lettering and headers by Vagabond Saints, and chilling pictures by Hanni. There is just way to many people to thank on this one. I’ll save all my thank yous for when the book finally comes out. I don’t know if my editor wants to be known just yet, but she is doing a spectacular job so far. I can’t wait for more of her notes!

I have actually been working on 2 ebooks (I’m a sneaky fuck). Once Askharoth is out I will be working on a newer version of Desperately Seeking Shemale in ebook form. “Newer” isn’t the word. I don’t know what to call it. This was the first thing I wrote, and it is honestly full of holes and mistakes. This still gets tons of hits on my site (perverts), so I’m sure there will be an outcry of support for an ebook version.

And yes, I am going to keep these cheap for you guys. I’m not looking to gouge anyone here. 🙂

I’ve also been contracted out by Marc  from The Break Room podcast to write a column called The Bulge. You can find it on PopSyn.com. Check out my views on pop culture.

So what’s in store for those of you that are fans of the blog?

I have a partially finished short story (that’s becoming not so short) called One Soul. One Soul is a story of a man at the end of a rope ready to make a deal with the devil to save the life of his daughter. This is partially inspired by The Twilight Zone and my own morbid “how far would you go” fascination.

I’ve done an outline for a New Millennium sequel. NM was one of my more popular pieces, and the sequel emerged from my mind a while back. It’s finally outlined, and I’ll start writing it very soon. I think the title will be The Battle for New Millennium. It might change. It starts with the aftermath of the first book and goes on from there. I hope it’s as enjoyed as the first was.

I also began outlining a Super-Epic that I am calling The Four. I won’t divulge too much information now, but it comes off the heels of me finishing the newly edited Askharoth and realizing that I may not be done with that genre. I wish had more to tell, but I am keeping this one under wraps until I begin writing. For now, all I’ll say is that I may not be done with Cendrillon and its outlying lands. There’s a whole wide world to explore!

So that’s it for me. I’ll keep doing what I do as long as someone is reading! 

-Budgie Bigelow


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