My Shameless Promotion Friday post epic update

Happy Shameless Promotion Friday, everyone!

For those of you who are unaware of what Shameless Promotion Friday is: it’s where I blast my twitter feed with nothing but promotions for this very blog you are currently reading. It’s super annoying. I usually lose a few followers (even more now that I took part in #ShemaleSaturday last week as well.

And now your actual update from none other than Budgerigar Orville Bigelow:

I just completed my latest epic Roland Hawthorne last night. This was a quick one since it’s not as long as New Millennium or Askharoth (Which took around a month each). Some of you who know me personally (especially those of you who I met in Boston a couple of weeks ago) know some of the turbulence in my life right now that contributed to me writing this one quicker. On the bright side, my current situation helped me write with better understanding of anger and betrayal (see Chapter 3 where Roland confronts Stephen in the Red Room on the night of the bank bombing).

I see that Roland Hawthorne wasn’t as popular as the stuff I’ve written in the past, but I had fun writing it and I think it came out pretty good in the end. I guess only time will tell how everyone reacts to it. I do know there are those of you who like to wait until something is completed to read it too.

On to the future!

Next up I have a short story tentatively titled “The Monster with the Head of Two Herons”. I know it’s a weird title, but it’s based on a extremely weird dream I had and that’s what they called it. Anyway, I put together the pieces and think it will make a pretty decent short story. I have no idea where this one came from (other than the far reaches of my subconscious that is). I’m just happy I wrote down the details before my mind erased them as it tends to do with dreams. Hey, the characters Killian and Deskue were both based on a dream so don’t disparage my subconscious!

I took a quick poll via Twitter on what I should write next. I was torn between the sequel to New Millennium (The Battle for New Millennium) or a sci-fi(ish) prison story called The Innocent (orignally titled Havenville Penitentiary, but I like the ironic title ‘The Innocent’ much better). Feedback as unanimous that The Innocent should be next (although some of it was really pro gay shower rape…).

I want to thank @bigharrytwotter for giving me some prison info that will make it into the story as well as @MizzSlaughter who has been dropping me some advice and feedback. Also, my muse @Kizisbomb who still writes like crazy as well (you really need to go look at if you haven’t).

There may be small lull between now and the start of The Innocent. I won’t get too into my writing process, but I like to have the entire story mapped out from start to finish. Sometimes I add stuff while I’m writing (Roland Hawthorne had 3 extra chapters added when it was all said and done), but I just started on the outline for The Innocent. FYI: the outline consists of sticky notes in a drawing pad. My wife finds this part of my process very funny.

One last note before I wrap this up:

I recently spoke to a friend who used to be a book editor (she still works for the same company but moved up the ladder so to speak) who is willing to help me edit, give me some suggestions, and add some more content to Askharoth. Hopefully before Christmas I will be releasing this as an ebook on Amazon (if they aren’t scared of Disney suing me). It will be relatively cheap since I’m not greedy, but it should be fun to see how I do with it.

Don’t worry. I’ll be shamelessly promoting it when it happens.

Thank you all for reading and sticking with me!


You can view all my works of short fiction here: Table of Contents

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