Another Post-Epic Post

Good evening, loyal readers.

Now that I finished the 13 chapter long epic New Millennium I figured I’d do what I usually do and make an uncategorized post to thank a few individuals and talk about myself.

First I’d like to thank all of my followers on Twitter who have been following and reading (WordPress tracks where clicks to my blog come from and around 98% of them are from Twitter). I’ll once again thank the sexy and talented Kiz AKA @kizisbomb (who got a demon named after her for all her creative and spiritual support). I also want to thank Mrs. Slaughter AKA @MizzSlaughter who seriously loves New Millennium (or at least she says she does). I adopted a few new readers this last week, but there are far to many to name so THANK YOU TO MY TWITTLERS WHO GAVE ME ALL THE SUPPORT. Also thank you for dealing with my sometimes horrible grammar. I self-edit and tend to miss a few mistakes or misspellings.

Those who know me personally know that this last week or so have been hard on me. I was betrayed by those who know me better than to mistrust me and I’ve been hurt by the whole experience. Writing has been an amazing outlet for me and has really been helping with my anxiety issues, so I thank you again for your continued support and kind words.

Now with that fagginess out of the way I can get to new business.

In my ongoing (and unintentional) tradition of writing an multi-part epic (Desperately Seeking Shemale, Askharoth, and New Millennium) followed by a silly or short story I want to give you the title of my next project:

Liam Neeson as Alex Trebek in Final Jepoarday

I let the Mrs. Slaughter read the prologue and she loved it, so it must be good. I plan on being the only one in the business of Alex Trebek fan fiction.

I have a few future projects in the works (some have been festering in my head for quite some time). I ran into an old friend and we talked about a screenplay we tried to write in the 90’s called Lesbionage (a lesbian take on James Bond). Now that she knows of my short fiction we may try and write it again. I also tried to get my ideas of New Millennium sequels out. I definitely want to do the follow-up to the beginning called The Battle for New Millennium and third part New Millennium Oblivion. After that I have enough material for roughly seven more with various heroes and villains coming and going.

I listed some others before, but I think I really want to get into a story in my head called Roland Hawthorne which is kind of steampunkish, gangstercentric, and a little WWIish (if I can make up some words here). There is another tentatively called The Halloween Man which is based on a gangster who comes back to life to complete his unfinished business with the mob in some zombie fighting the mob action. There is one called The Innocent which features a cop who goes undercover into Havenville Penitentiary to find out what kind of experiments the warden is doing to the inmates. The last one I’ll mention is Class of 2075 which is about a high-school student who is empowered with super powers during his senior year… This last one is part comedy.

There you have it! More information than I originally wanted to give but it’s there now. If there’s any of those you think are interesting send me a message or a DM on twitter (@Buzzquotes) or a message on kik (BudgieB).

Bye for now!

nWo for life!!

P.S. My Table of Contents post has been updated with all 13 chapters of New Millennium and was moved to the newest posting (other than this post).

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