New Millennium Chapter 12: Countdown

Chapter 12:

Archer Post extended his senses to search for the demon Nilas Nil. He didn’t hold much hope, but he would do as Jonah requested. In such a short amount of time he had come to respect the new warrior for his acceptance of his task and his compassion towards all. Even the trust he showed in the demon Killian was respectable (even though Post had argued against allowing him to live). Jonah was well trained in use of his body’s chakras and in the art of battle. Barachiel had chosen a fine wielder, and this earth may have another chance at survival after all.

Post pointed his sword towards the sky and directed his chakra into it. He hadn’t done this since he held Barachiel himself, and noticed it was close to impossible to track a demon without it. This new sword was a poor substitute for the one he wielded for so long against hoards of demons and evil men. Sometimes he cursed that his time with Barachiel was done, but he knew it would be as soon as he chose the slow frozen death of the chamber to pass on the sword’s legacy to the next warrior. There was no chance of survival after he was poisoned by the High Demon Caim.

Archer’s sword rang out in fury as he cut down demon after demon in the final battle of the earth. The ground was covered in the soot and ash of the demons Barachiel had burned to nothingness. There was no doubt this was the end of all things as prophesied by philosophers of the past. The world would end on this day unless Archer Post could do something about it.

The ash covered Archer stepped over a ridge and saw the large stone portal the demons had erected at the center of the city. Red light glowed from the siguls on the rocks. This is where he found his enemy and would fight his final battle. This is where Caim came to Archer Post.

Caim walked at a slow pace covered in his back and red pulsing armor. He towered over Post at over ten feet tall and wielded a heavy long sword that dripped with the poison Caim excreted from his pores. His hemet was garnished with two long antlers that pointed up towards the blackened skies. He chuckled low as he met his opponent.

“You seem to have lost your friends,” Caim said stopping.

Archer took a breath. He was tired from long battles and his body was weary. He had lost may friends and allies in recent weeks and months. Each one took a heavy toll on his soul, but still he moved forward. This war wasn’t going to slow down so he could take the time to mourn. If he lived he promised to mourn each one in turn, but first he’d have to get through his opponent today and close down that unholy portal to Hell.

“You’ve lost many as well, Caim,” Post said. “You seem to be the last demon standing in my way. Would you care to step aside?”

“Why would I do that?” Caim said stepping closer. “This world has ended. We’ve almost wiped it clean of all its pathetic life. This place was doomed before I got here, and it will remained doomed no matter what the outcome of our battle is.”

“I will turn you to ash,” Post said gritting his teeth and sending his will into Barachiel.

“Then do it!” Caim yelled charging. Each step flung huge rocks behind him.

Post raised his left arm and a large white and silver shield appeared. White light shone from it and he directed it towards the charging Caim. Caim rushed through the light as if it were nothing and and swung is great black sword down. Post moved his shield to block the blow and used Barachiel’s power to ready his body. The blow hit his shield and rang out through the burnt city. Post’s feet dug into the earth at the force of the blow. He took advantage of Caim’s slight pause and raked his sword across Caim’s stomach. Caim jumped back as the metal and stony armor fell away.

Caim’s attack raged anew and Post defended and struck out with every opening he was given. When the fight done Post was able to push Caim back to his portal and slash his body from shoulder to hip. Caim immediately started to use his demonic powers to heal his body. A wound from Barachiel is not easily healed and would kill most other demons, but Caim was the strongest Archer Post had ever encountered and he didn’t doubt he could heal it before it would burn his body from the inside out.

Before Post could find out whether or not Caim could heal from the injury he struck out once more with his sword, but this time aiming for the pilars surrounding the portal. White fire flew from Barachiel cracking and destroying the pillars of the portal.

“You won’t save this earth!” Caim shouted as the portal collapsed around him. “Let this world die! There is no saving it! There is no hope for humanity! Give it to us!”

With that last feeble attempt Caim was destroyed when the portal finally collapsed and was obliterated into nothing. Post wondered if Caim had died or if he went back to Hell to either heal his wound or die from it. It was an answer he may never get.

“There is always hope,” Archer post said standing amid the wreckage of the fallen portal. He added Barachiel’s power to his eyes and saw the evil that had poured forth. The black aura had spilled from this location and was cutting off the earth’s life. Soon all its water wold be poison and the air would choke the life out of all living creatures.

With no further thought on the subject Archer Post drove Barachiel into the ground an gave up all of its power to the earth. Every ounce of white fire he had gathered from fallen demons rushed from the sword and into the earth and begun the slow healing process so that humans and all of earth’s creatures can flourish once again.

He felt out for Barachiel when he was done, but its power was all but spent. It was time for the sword to once again sleep.

Now in the city named New Millennium five hundred years or so after his final battle, Post sheathed his sword. It was a fine sword, but it would not help him with his current task. He closed his eyes and put his hand on his chest. Here was the small poisoned wound that Caim had issued all those years ago. What little power he had borrowed from Barachiel that day was fading quickly and the poison would soon spread and choke the life from his body. His allies were able to freeze his body until the time of demons came again, but his body couldn’t heal from the poison on its own. Caim had given Post a death sentence that was finally at its end, but he wouldn’t let himself die without helping Jonah one last time.

Post sat cross-legged on the ground of a New Millennium sidewalk and extended his senses as far as they would stretch. He didn’t hear as people’s footsteps or the clanks as they dropped change between his legs. He focused hard using his mind to feel out of Nilas Nil. He repeated the name in his head over and over again. His eyes opened suddenly as he got a glimpse of an orange-red aura of a demon.


“Have you gotten any sign of him yet?” Rock Judge’s voice said into Gabriel’s ear. Rock was actually on street level in a truck trying to keep up with Gabriel’s location, but to Gabriel he could’ve been inches away.

“That’s a negative,” Gabriel said. He was beginning to get worried. It wasn’t more than a ten minutes ago the voice of Deskue echoed in their heads making his ludicrous demands. It seemed anyone within a certain radius of the Deskue building was subjected to some kind of mental torture. Once the torture lessened and the voice stopped Gabriel had to wonder if that meant Jonah and Killian had beaten Deskue. He really hoped so.

“We’re getting word from HQ that Rev is on top of a building on 10 5th street,” Mona’s voice said. “One of our hovercarriers caught site of him. He’s got his device with him. Rock, it’s huge!”

“We’re on our way now, Mona,” Rock said. “Gabe, do you think you can get there ahead of us and stall Rev? Try to keep him talking until we can get there and put him down.”

Big mistake, Gabriel thought. He knew Rev would be picking up their radio communications, and now knew they would be coming for him. He stressed this to Rock and Mona before going in, but Dr. Sands claimed to have them communicating on a frequency that Rev couldn’t hack. For their sake he hoped Sands was right.

“I’ll do what I can,” Gabriel said. He checked his internal map for the address, turned east, and leapt towards Rev.


Willow Bowman and Isaac Sands monitored Gabriel and the Wolves’ progress via satellite link. They heard the radio conversation and sat in silence as the dots on the screen began converging to 10 5th Street.

“Do you think Gabriel can stop him?” Willow asked. She wasn’t used to sitting back and monitoring, but someone needed to stay back in case a second wave were needed or if she needed to somehow find Jonah or Archer. The fact she couldn’t keep tabs on them worried her.

“I don’t know,” Sands said exasperatedly. “I used every bit of my knowledge about Revinovitch and then some to design Gabriel’s suit, but it’s not as if Rev has been idle all these years.”

“There’s one thing Rev will never have,” Willow said. “Gabriel’s heart.”

“That’s true,” Sands said smiling. “Especially since Rev technically doesn’t even have one any more.”

The two looked at each other and laughed as the dots on the radar hovered towards 5th Street.


As planned Gabriel was the first one on the rooftop with Rev. He landed near the edge while Rev made some adjustments to his device.

“It’s beautiful, isn’t it?” Rev said not turning from what he was doing. The device was easily twenty feet tall and almost twice as wide. Gabriel wondered how he kept it secret for so long.

“Shut it down,” Gabriel said stepping toward Rev. “Nobody needs to die tonight.”

“They do,” Rev said looking up and getting to his feet. “The device is ready. The people of this retched city have reached the pinnacle of their own demise. It’s only natural they be removed.”

Gabriel saw the red glow around Rev’s long metal fingers and readied his sword. It snapped together with a clang he instantly ran power through the coil. “Nobody has to die tonight, Rev,” he said. “We can both walk away.”

“You and I both know we can’t,” Rev said. “It is our destiny to fight this battle. Me here ready to obliterate the human race for their own good, and you, my bastard child, here to save them. I’ve longed for this, Gabriel Cogs. Lusted for it. I wanted to test myself against you so bad I did something that went against all my better judgement.”

“What did you do, Rev?” Gabriel asking trying to stall a bit longer.

“My original device had a mechanism that would trigger it in the case of my death,” Rev said with a widening smile. “But I reversed the polarity. I didn’t need you backing out or having any reservations about killing me. I want you to go all out, Gabriel Cogs. If I’m killed the device will shut itself down. If not the EMP will wipe out the city’s power in less than thirty minutes. Thirty minutes after that it will release the nerve toxin.”

“But Deskue’s ultimatum…”

“Is a farce!” Rev said. “I never intended to let that fat bozo have control of this city, and he is an idiot if he thought he actually had the trigger for it! Tonight either New Millennium or I will die. Make your move.”


Archer post rushed towards the aura of Nilas Nil. The closer he got the stronger it felt. He had felt the aura of many demons during his life, and he could tell even from this far away that Nilas Nil wasn’t a demon to trifle with. Jonah was going to have his hands full if he could lure him out of hiding.

He had borrowed Rock’s motorcycle for the night since he wasn’t going to be needing it (even though Rock was unaware it had been borrowed). Archer swerved out between cars and groups of people in the streets and sidewalks. The city was in pandemonium after Deskue had blasted threats into their heads then crippled half the city with his sheer will. Post knew Deskue was strong based on Killian’s description, but he had no idea how strong.

Post turned right off of 5th Street and followed the beacon in his head. He found the source and screeched the tires to a halt. At this end of the empty block there was a subway entrance that led underground. Post knew this was where he would find Nilas Nil. This was where he’d be lying in wait just like Jonah said.

Archer took the keys from the bike and walked with his sword in hand. He had left the shield behind because it would have been hard to get around with. He smiled a little bit at the exhilaration that went through him. After all this time sleeping and then training Jonah he was finally back in action. It had been so long since he wielded a sword in battle. He reveled in the irony of dreading it in a former life, but he was needed again.

Besides, he was damn good with a sword in hand.

The only regret Archer had before walking down the stairs into the dark subway entrance was not saying goodbye to Willow Bowman before he left the DPA headquarters. Back when he was the warrior he had taken no lovers and always put duty first. Now that he had passed the duty on to Jonah he saw no harm in taking Willow. She had taken an instant liking to him anyway.

He pushed the thoughts of the nights spent with Willow out of his head and focused on the demon Nilas Nil. He walked in near silence in the dark with the sounds of his footsteps echoing through the tunnels. Suddenly the area was flooded with florescent light and the seven foot tall orange-red demon was standing in front of him.

“I don’t think you were invited to tonight’s festivities,” Nilas Nil said. His bone mask a dull white in this soft light. “Now what am I to do about that?”


Gabriel fired a pule blast from his left hand at Rev, but he easily blocked it with his right hand extended. It seemed he also had some kind of ‘hard power’ shield much like Sands had designed for Gabriel. The blast arched off the Rev’s shield and blew a hole in the floor between them. If Gabriel was going to beat Rev it was going to have to be with his hands or sword.

Rev reached high and brought his claw down towards Gabriel’s head. Gabriel stepped back quickly and barely dodged the razor sharp blades Rev had in place of fingers. Rev brought his other arm across the front, and Gabriel was able to use his shield to block in a shower of white sparks. With Rev recovering from his two missed attacks Gabriel was able to swing his sword upwards and got Rev across his midsection showing the two in sparks. Now it was Rev’s turn to jump back to recover.

“Good,” Rev said. “I wanted a challenge. There’s never been anyone who’s been able to damage me at all.”

Rev was readying for another attack when the Wolves’ hovercarrier appeared and shone its bright lights at Rev. “Stand down, Rev!” the amplified voice of Mona demanded. Side doors opened upwards on the hovercarrier as men began repelling down to the roof. The twin elevators on the opposite end of the roof opened and men in kevlar vests rushed onto the roof as well. They surrounded Gabriel and Rev with their guns aimed at Rev.

“Turns out you couldn’t do this alone?” Rev said. “I’ll give you the same deal as before. Tell your friends to leave us or they’ll all die.”

“Leave him alone!” Gabriel shouted. “Leave him to me.”

“He’s holding the city hostage,” Rock said stepping between his men. “I can’t do that.”

“Trust me,” Gabriel said turning away from Rev to plead with Rock and save his men’s lives. “It’s the only way to stop him. I have to do it alone.”

Rock thought briefly. “You have your chance,” he said. “But I’ll step in if I have to.”

“Thank you,” Gabriel said.

“Stand by, men!” Rock shouted. “Do not interfere!”

“Let’s see how you do with an audience,” Rev said beginning his attack anew.


Post dodged the dual bone blade from Nilas Nil’s left arm and rebounded with an attack of his own. Nilas was quick enough to get his blade between them and stop Post’s sword from doing any kind of damage. He swung with his right hand connecting to Post’s temple. Post fell to his knee and Nilas kicked him down.

“I sure hope your warrior is a little better than this,” Nilas said. “By now they should be done with Deskue and I’ll have to be ready to pick up the scraps.”

“You meant for Deskue to be killed?” Post said.

“Now you’re just buying time,” Nilas said kicking Post in the ribs and sending him rolling across the dirty ground. “Don’t be stupid. A human with that much power must be put down. It doesn’t matter which side he fights for. If I can get those two idiots to do it it’s even better. I may even get lucky if successfully Deskue kills one or both of them.”

Nilas kicked Post in the head nearly knocking him unconscious. He picked Post up and put him over his shoulder like a sack of grain. Nilas was too strong and Post couldn’t stop him. Not without Barachiel’s power coursing through his veins. “What are you doing with me, demon scum?” he said dazedly.

“I’m sure you’ve been sent here to get me out into the open,” Nilas said. “I no longer have any intention of hiding. Maybe I’ll just open you up in front of your new warrior to show him what his own future holds.”


Gabriel was on the ground. Hard. Rev had blasted him with a shot of red energy from the cannon on his shoulder and it nearly blew his chest apart when he didn’t get his shield up in time. Before he could get up and resume the fight he was in the air on top of Rev’s steel claws and being thrown from the building. Gabriel reached out as he saw the the edge of the building going past, but his finger tips just missed. He was able to grab ahold of some kind of antenna ten feet down from the roof line to save his life.

He crawled back quickly, but it felt like forever. When he got back up he crawled onto the roof as the rain began to pour from the sky. Rock had ordered his men to move in on Rev and open fire. Their automatic weapons were blaring at Rev, but the bullets were just bouncing off his shield as Gabriel crawled to his knees and yelled, “NO!”

Rev turned to Gabriel with a huge grin on his face. “Don’t blink,” he said.

Rev leapt into the air and landed on top of the hovercarrier. He ripped at one of the rotors with his clawed hand and tore it off. The carrier crashed to the roof of the building in flames. Rev jumped back onto the roof and drove one of his fingers through the chest of one of the Wolves. He came down with his other hand cutting another to ribbons. He then fired a small pulse blast from his finger that burned a hole right through another.

Rev was fast and the Wolves just couldn’t keep up with his movements. One by one they were slain by the mechanical man. Blood sprayed through the air as rain drenched the rooftop. Rev laughed as man after man fell dead to his feet.

Gabriel briefly checked the power gauge on his forearm. His fight with Rev had seemed brief, but the was fighting hard and was down to around a quarter of his power. He also wasn’t keeping track of how long this had gone on, and had no idea when Rev’s device would trigger itself. He resolved to finish this fight quickly one way or another.

Gabriel extended his sword and activated his shield once more as he ran toward Rev. Rev put down the corpse he was done toying with and greeted Gabriel with his claws. The claws met Gabriel’s shield and swung wildly with his sword. There was a flash of white as Rev caught the sword and tore it from Gabriel’s arm. With his other claw he slashed at Gabriel’s shield and finally succeeded in breaking through it. Four red hot gashes where not in the front of Gabriel’s armor as well as his arm. If he were any slower he would have lost the arm too.

Rev kicked out at Gabriel’s legs and he fell to the ground. “You see,” Rev said with the water dripping off his bald head. “You can’t stop me. I am this city’s destiny. I am its salvation!”

“You’re mad!” Gabriel said. He noticed he was nearly out of power. This was the end.

“Even still,” Rev said. “You’re nearly drained. You have no fight left. You don’t have much time left. Now watch as I kill the rest of your friends.”

Gabriel watched transfixed as Rev turned and walked away towards Rock and the remaining members of the Wolves. Rev was right. He had no power left to fire a pulse blast. His shield was broken and his sword was in two pieces in front of him. He watched and desperately tried to figure out how to stop Rev.

“Revinovitch!” Gabriel shouted.

Rev stopped and turned slowly towards Gabriel. “What did you call me?”

“Doctor Thomas Revinovitch,” Gabriel said. “Finish what you started.”

Rev walked over to Gabriel and picked him up by the throat. “I guess you want to die next,” he said.

Gabriel smiled. “Not me,” he said. Now that he was inside Rev’s shield he brought his fist with the top half of his severed sword to Rev’s forehead and skewed his brain. They both fell down in a heap. Rev’s open eyes looked up into the falling rain as the light left his eyes.

Rock came by and helped Gabriel up. The looked at the body of Rev in silence. The red lights along his body burning out one by one. The lights of Rev’s device were also burning out. Rev had been true to his word on the device shutting down as the result of his death.

The rain poured and as Gabriel blacked out from the expenditure of power. His last thought was of Jonah and wishing he could’ve been with him to finish the night’s tasks.


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