New Millennium Chapter 10: Deception

Chapter 10:

Gabriel sat in the same apparatus Dr. Sands had him in when he had first gotten in the bus accident. The damage he had done to his own armor wasn’t too serious, but Dr. Sands wanted to do some tests on it to be sure. Gabriel put his paperback book back in the pile that was left to him and sighed. After all that he had been through recently he felt the waiting around was the worst part. He was able to walk around the compound, but the doctors (other than Sands) had warned him about it.

Gabriel was about to pick up another book from the pile (he had spotted one with a knight and a dragon on the cover that looked promising) when the door swooshed open and someone came in.

“You must be Gabriel Cogs,” the man said. “We’ve missed each other every time I’m here. I’m Jonah Judge.”

“Jonah,” Gabriel said getting up and extending his hand. “Call me Gabe. I’ve heard plenty about you from your cousin.”

“He mentioned you were working with the Wolves,” Jonah said. “Have you been doing well?”

“Not too well,” Gabriel said motioning to his missing chest plate. Most of his armor from his arms and shoulders had also been removed and his robotics and synthetic muscles were exposed. “This line of work we’ve chosen is hazardous to our longevity I think.”

“I tend to think of it more along the lines of this line of work choosing us,” Jonah said. Gabriel noticed for the first time the sword strapped to Jonah’s back and wondered if he went everywhere with it. “I don’t know if you know the teachings of The Post, but those of us who do believe those who would fight for good will gather when their time of need is dire.”

“Preparation and vigilance,” Gabriel said.

“So you are familiar,” Jonah said smiling.

“Just a bit from Archer Post,” Gabriel said. “I suppose he is the authority on it. Those who would fight will gather around the bearer of the sword. He had said something to that effect.”

“If you start thinking like that you’ll see that it’s less and less of a coincidence we both found separate paths that lead to Leon Deskue,” Jonah said.

“Then I would have to believe that everything that’s happened to me was to lead me to this one point where I would gather to you,” Gabriel said. “I must be crazy, but I’m really starting to believe in Post’s prophecies or whatever you’d call them. As much as I hate not being in control of my own life, for the first time since my family’s been gone I feel as if I belong somewhere.”

“You’re always in control,” Jonah said. “Even through the teachings of The Post you have a choice. You can choose to wield your power to do some good in the world or you can choose to ignore it and let the world die. I’m glad you’ve chosen to do some good.”

“Oh yeah,” Gabriel said. “It’s been fun.”

Jonah smiled. “Don’t worry,” he said. “There won’t be many dull moments around here. You look too cooped up in this room. Why don’t you come with me and check out this intel we got. We can use a fresh set of eyes. I’d love for you to meet Killian too.”


“It is done,” a voice behind Leon Deskue said. He didn’t have to use his psychic powers to know that the Russian accented voice belonged to Rev.

“You took a long time,” Deskue said. “I was worried you were taken or killed.”

“I had someone I just had to meet,” Rev said smiling. “What’s the old saying? Time flies when you’re having fun.”

Deskue leaned back in his chair and sighed heavily. “While you were out having fun with that cyborg from the DPA Ryan Hill was visited by Jonah Judge and his new ally Killian,” he said.

“Why is this my concern?” Rev asked.

“You were to dispatch Hill immediately,” Deskue said getting annoyed. “If I knew Nilas Nil were in the same penitentiary I would’ve contacted him to do it, but his mind is now blocked from me.”

“I can’t keep up with all these associates of yours,” Rev said moving to the front of Deskue’s desk and taking a seat. His metallic claws were folded between his legs. “I can only be concerned with this Gabriel Cogs. Dr. Sands has been trying to improve on my model, you know. How do you think he’d stand up in a real test of his mettle?”

“Do not get cocky,” Deskue said. Normally with an associate he would use his psychic powers to subdue them to do his bidding, but not with Rev. He had tried once when he had first met the mechanical half-man. His brain was being kept alive by who knows what kind of devices and fluids, but the dementia he had begun suffering from as a human had taken its toll. Not to mention his brain had gone without proper oxygen for half a minute (if Rev could be believed). He never heard a coherent thought from his mind, and most of them were in old Russian anyway. With most foreign minds Deskue would’ve been able to translate the thoughts easily enough, but Rev’s thoughts fluctuated so frequently he couldn’t get ahold of it long enough to decipher.

“Are you trying to get inside?” Rev asked smiling.

“I know better with you,” Deskue said taking a drink of his tonic from his flask. Just being in the room with someone as demented as Rev was giving him a migraine. “Is the device ready at least?”

“Quite,” Rev said getting up and pacing. Deskue hated this habit of his when explaining things. “The device works in two parts per your instruction. First the electromagnetic pulse will disable all electronic devices throughout the city. This technology was devised during the last wars of the earth before the failed apocalypse. It seemed people at that time couldn’t go anywhere without computers and devices attached directly to them.”

“That’s well and good,” Deskue said sitting back and folding his hands. “What does that mean for New Millennium now?”

“Complete shutdown,” Rev said beginning a new round of pacing. “With the exception of me and the devices of my design. Not even a flashlight will work.”

“Excellent,” Deskue said. “And what of the second phase of your device?”

“The chemical dispersement,” Rev said. “There’s enough power to blow the cloud to every corner of the city and effect every inhabitant. With the exception of those who have my vaccine, of course. I made enough to inoculate around one hundred people. I also found out it will only effect humans, so your demon friends will be perfectly fine.”

“Watch your tone, Rev,” Deskue said getting annoyed again. “My relationship with the demons is completely beneficial.”

“So was Klennon’s,” Rev said. “He ended up in prison and now his missing and presumed dead, but you wouldn’t know anything about that, would you?”

“I think our business for tonight is done, Rev,” Deskue said getting up. “Once your device is in place you’ll find all promised funds and stocks will be in the accounts promised. Once I have this city on its knees I’ll hand it over to the demons on a silver plate. You’ll find your partnership with me will be extremely beneficial when I rule over New Millennium once they’re through with their little war.”

“I bid you farewell, Leon,” Rev said stepping out onto Deskue’s balcony. “Until the next time.” With that Rev leapt into the night.

Deskue closed his eyes and rubbed his temples. His migraine was finally subsiding now that Rev and his frantic mind was gone. Now that Rev’s device was built and nearly ready he may not have to suffer the company of that robotic lunatic ever again.


Rev stood on top of the Deskue building looking at all the lights of New Millennium City and longed to see it in darkness. He knew what Deskue wanted. One didn’t need to be psychic to read his one dimensional mind. Deskue meant to hold the city hostage with the device he thought up (but ultimately designed and built by Rev), but Rev had other plans.

While Deskue held the trigger and threatened to kill the lights and poison the people for his own personal gain (Rev knew well that Deskue wanted badly to control the city’s power grid) Rev would have to sit back and watch the device he worked so hard on go to waste as the governors of New Millennium relented and gave him what he wanted.

Rev decided otherwise.

The button in Deskue’s hand was the real ruse. No matter what Deskue wanted Rev would trigger his device and kill the power to New Millennium. As he looked down and laughed at the mayhem and panic he would release the chemicals and watch the people twitch, suffer, and die in the streets.

Rev smiled and leapt off into the night.


It was around ten in the morning when Jonah and Killian made their way into the DPA briefing room with their newest discovery. They spent hours the night before going over scenarios and possibilities with Gabriel. Now this morning it was Willow Bowman who brought them pictures from the security cameras from New Millennium Penitentiary that broke Killian of his normal calmness.

“That’s Nilas Nil!” Killian said nearly jumping out of his chair.

“The demon that almost killed you?” Jonah asked. “What’s he doing in prison?”

“Max Klennon,” Killian said.

“Max Klennon?” Jonah asked. “Really?”

“I know I’ve been out of sorts lately,” Gabriel put in. “But who is Max Klennon?”

“Have you heard the news about the investment banker that pretty much ripped off every single one of his clients and murdered his wife?” Jonah said.

“I heard something about that,” Gabriel said. “What does he have to do with this Nilas Nil?”

“Max Klennon is Nilas Nil,” Killian said. The others turned to look at him awaiting the demon’s explanation. “There are many ways for a demon to come onto this plane of existence. I used the time stream that is dangerous for most demons to use. We created a portal to summon demons for your training, Jonah. The easiest way is trick a human into letting a demon use your body.”

“So for whatever reason Klennon agreed for Nilas to share his body,” Jonah said. “In case stealing from everyone he ever came into contact with wasn’t evil enough.”

“Did you invest with him?” Gabriel asked.

“No,” Jonah answered. “I did meet with him, but something about him felt off. I could always trust in my instincts I guess.”

“Now we know of Klennon’s connection to Nil. We also know of Nil’s connection to Deskue,” Killian went on.

“And Deskue’s connection to Rev,” Gabriel added. “And whatever terrorist attack he has planned.”

“But why is this not adding up?” Jonah asked. “Do we have all the pieces? Is there something still missing?”

“The deception,” a new voice said. The two men, the woman, and the demon all turned to see Archer Post who had just entered the room. “Do you remember what I told you about Killian when you first aided him, Jonah?” He asked.

“Not to trust him,” Jonah said. “That a demon will go to great lengths to deceive and reach his target.”

“I cannot deny Post’s logic,” Killian said. “Even if it does cast doubt on my intentions. The pieces don’t have to add up if each one in turn is deceiving the other. There is one piece still missing, though.”

“You are right,” Post said stepping in between Jonah and Gabriel to address the group. “Nilas Nil wouldn’t be inhabiting the body of this man if there wasn’t a black priest or higher demon involved. With some research I found out who was behind all of this. A black priest and sorcerer that caused me much grief when I was the warrior. A man that goes by the name Jano Xing.”

“Jano Xing?” Killian said. “There are still songs in Hell sung about his loyalty and betrayal to the humans. When I slipped out through the time stream it was believed that he was dead.”

“We all believed he was dead,” Post said. “But Xing is extremely cunning. He is an anarchist and very patient, but most of all he almost always has had multiple pieces moving.”

“Which means we’ll have to face this head on,” Jonah said. “I see no longer see any coincidence in us coming together. Gabriel, you go with Willow to my cousin Rock. He may claim to have turned his back on The Post, but he’ll help you find Rev and stop him from letting loose whatever he has planned.”

“Right,” Bowman said. “Armor up, Gabe.”

“On it,” Gabriel said.

“Killian and I will go see Deskue,” Jonah continued. “It’s time we paid him a visit.”

“Deskue may be a trap set by Nil,” Post said.

“I’m counting on it,” Jonah said. “Nil probably won’t show himself until we’ve dealt with Deskue.”

“Are you sure,” Killian asked. “We spent many hours training your mind, but do you think it’s up to the task of dealing with a telepath as strong as Deskue?”

“It’s going to have to be,” Jonah said. “Post, I am going to need you to draw Nil out while Killian and I deal with Deskue. Chances are he’ll be laying in wait to see how we fare.”

“I will aid you in any way I can,” Post said. “As long as my power will allow me to. I’ll need a shield and sword.”

“See Willow and she’ll arm you,” Jonah said. “You’ll find we’ve been prepared for something like this.”

“Preparation and vigilance?” Gabriel said with a smile.

“The time for preparation and vigilance is over,” Jonah said. “It’s time for your next lesson, Gabe. Now is the time forThe Post to take action.”


Nilas Nil walked through the empty home Kasayda Kiz and Jano Xing were currently using as a base of sorts. From the outside the home seemed abandoned and the inside was stripped as well. Nilas ventured into the basement and found the trap door behind the stairs as Kasayda had described to him in her note.

“Kasayda,” he said to the seemingly empty sub basement. Suddenly dozens of candles were lit and he was able to behold the hidden black church. It was small, but soon they would have their pick of any church in New Millennium City.

“Nilas,” the demoness Kasayda Kiz said with a gasp running towards her lover. “I wondered when I would see you again.”

“As did I, my love,” Nilas replied taking the pale white Kasayda in his orange-red arms. “Where is Xing? I wish to seek council with him.”

“He has gone away,” Kasayda replied. “All he would say after days of meditating is that he found something and that he’d return when the time was right.”

“Black priests,” Nilas said bemused. “It can’t be helped then. I have no choice but to proceed as planned.”

“Proceed?” Kasayda asked. “I know can you only tell me little about why you’re here on earth, but is there anything I can do to help?”

“No,” Nilas said. “Events are in already motion and my tasks will soon be complete.”

“Is there nothing I could do for you, my love?” Kasayda said stepping closer.

“There is one thing,” Nilas said taking two steps forward. “If my calculations are correct Killian and Jonah Judge will confront Deskue at some point tomorrow. I’ve given them enough crumbs to follow. Tonight my only concern is your flesh.”

Nilas took the demoness in his arms and drew her close. She bent her neck up and kissed him deeply under his bone mask. It had been so long since she saw Nilas in his true form and was able to be with him. She knew the necessity of their work, but cursed it for all the time they had lost.

Kasayda moaned as Nilas used the tip of his bone bade to cut her out of her leather corset. He then took her hard on the ground and tore her pants off. She wrapped her legs around his large waist as he entered her and her razor sharp nails dug into his back so hard they drew blood.

Kasayda shrieked a horrid cry in ecstasy as she climaxed at the same as her lover Nilas Nil. They collapsed on the floor in a puddle of sweat and blood where they laid in silence until Nilas was ready to take her again.


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