New Millennium Chapter 9: Slaughter

Chapter 9:

Max Klennon is aware of what is going on, but is unaware to stop it. Not that he would if he were able. He can see but he can’t see, hear but can’t hear, and touch but can’t touch. This is because the demon called Nilas Nil has taken over his body with the promise that he has taken it over for good this time.

Max agreed to share his body with Nilas Nil under the premise of the demon giving him the means to rule over New Millennium City. Now that he was banished to this dark corner of the demon’s mind he regretted his decision. Only now that it was too late did he wish to somehow go back in time and tell the black priest no that he would not share his body and mind with a demon. Only now that he lost his wife, his homes, his fortune, and now his body did he regret ever stepping foot into that damned black church. All that was left for Max Klennon was to huddle in the dark corner he was allowed to exist in and watch (but not watch) the carnage unfold.

Nilas stepped over the corpse of Max’s cellmate and ripped the prison cell door down with one hand. He left his three foot long dual bone blade extended as he walked down the corridor to the horror of the inmates of New Millennium Penitentiary. The lights suddenly came up and Nilas was rushed by guards with their clubs out. He met one guard by ripping his throat out with one quick move of his left arm. Another was hit so hard his neck twisted, and he died before his body hit the ground.

Nilas laughed as he was pelted with canisters of tear gas. He breathed in deep and expelled a cloud of gas in an orgasmic state. He rushed the guards firing the canisters and he took both of their heads with little effort.

Before Nilas could reach the front door he met a line of guards all holding automatic weapons aimed at him. They gave no warning and opened fire on the demon. In flash of red-orange Nilas dodge the barrage of bullets and tore away the flesh of the gunmen with his bone blade. Flesh was tore from bone and blood spilled freely as Nilas laughed at his slaughter. For the first time in months Nilas felt alive.

When he was done he left the prison through the front door amid the blaring alarm. He walked outside and breathed the fresh air. He made very short work of the guards he encountered on the way out and soon was in the outskirts of New Millennium City ready to make his way back to heart of the city and his work.

Nilas Nil was free.


Gabriel hid behind the decommissioned trucks and used his superior vision to scout the truck depot. It was close to midnight and there wasn’t a lot of action going on, but if Rock Judge was right there would be tonight. With a thought he switched his internal radio on and talked to Rock.

“Nothing yet,” he said. “How are you making out?”

“Nothing here either,” Rock said as if he were standing next to him. Rock was standing by with his partner Mona with a team of about fifteen men of the New Millennium Wolves in case things got out of hand. It had been years since anyone had been in contact with Dr. Revinovitch (now called only Rev), and nobody knew how bad his dementia had gotten.

A truck passed close by the area Gabriel hid and he ducked down a little lower. He knew that Rev would have the same enhanced vision and hearing he did. In all likelihood a sneak attack of any kind was out of the question. His best bet would be to get in there and attempt to engage Rev in conversation, keep his radio on, and hope the NMW could keep up when things got rough.

It was one thing to rough up a few rapists in the park, but to take on a super-powered cyborg was completely ludicrous. Sands thought Gabriel stood a chance, but he hadn’t seen Rev in years. For all he knew Rev could have cannons for arms and a jet engine on his back. Gabriel swallowed hard and moved fro his hiding spot and into the open.

“Rev!” he called. “Are you here?”

He was answered with a long silence followed by loud footsteps on the pavement. “I was wondering if you would come out,” a voice with a thinly veiled Russian accent said from the shadows. “Tell whoever you’re contacting to leave us and kill the radio. If not I’ll kill the seventeen soldiers you have hiding out one hundred and seven feet to the south of us.”

“Abort mission,” Gabriel said before doing what Rev said and terminating the transmission. He hoped Rock would take his men and get them back to headquarters before Rev decided to have a little fun with them.

“Good,” Rev said. “Now what can I do for you, Gabriel Cogs?”


“What happened?” Mona asked. “Where’s Cogs?”

“I don’t know,” Rock answered. “He called out to Rev, I head someone talking, and then he told me to abort.”

“What did the other guy say?” Mona asked.

“I couldn’t make it out,” Rock said. “He was too far away from Cogs.”

“What are we going to do?” Mona asked. “Are we going to abort?”

“No,” Rock answered. “We stay back and wait. At the first sign of trouble we proceed as planned. Cogs might be a living weapon, but he’s part of this time, and I don’t leave men behind.”

“Agreed,” Mona said. “If you can figure out where to jump in during a fight between two mechanical men just let me know.”


“Disarm the bomb,” Gabriel said. “I don’t want to see anyone hurt.”

“How very nobel of you,” Rev said with a smirk. Now that he had stepped into the light Gabriel beheld him for the first time. He was at least seven feet tall in his newest armor. The long knife-like claws that Dr. Sands described were still there, and Gabriel didn’t doubt he had very powerful pulse cannons also imbedded in his hands. “What makes you think I would have it here?”

“I don’t,” Gabriel said. He had to be careful when dealing with the psychotic Rev. Even with Gabriel’s new headgear that would protect his human parts he still felt as if a confrontation would end in his death. “I was hoping I could talk you out of whatever you are planning.”

A truck rushed between the two cyborgs and blared its horn. When it was gone Gabriel noticed that Rev was gone.

“What do you have to offer me that Deskue has not?” Rev’s voice said from behind him.

Gabriel jumped at the voice and turned around quickly to see the intimidating cyborg standing two feet from him. Now that he was close Gabriel noticed Rev’s chassis was now built up to his shoulders and only the neck and bald head of the now eighty four year Thomas Revinovitch remained. This close it was a horrible sight.

“Deskue?” Gabriel asked. “So he’s behind this?”

“Yes and no,” Rev said. “Can we have this conversation somewhere more private? Your friends didn’t heed your warning to abort and are moving in closer. I would have to cut this short while I kill each one of them.”


Rock had his men move in closer. He couldn’t see what was going on with Gabriel and Rev and there had been radio silence since Gabriel urged them to abort. The small group of Wolves soldiers had surrounded the truck depot in a semi-circle and moved in with their guns in front of them. Rock prayed that what firepower they had would be enough to stop the mechanical monster called Rev.

“Rock,” Mona said on the radio. He had ordered her up high to get a better shot. Her skills as a sniper were usually easily surpassed.

“What is it, Mona,” Rock said holding his speaker to his ear. “What do you see?”

“Nothing,” Mona replied. “Their gone. They’re both gone.”

“Shit,” Rock said. His brain worked as he tried to figure out what could’ve happened. He quickly pushed all the scenarios of Rev ripping Gabriel to pieces out of his head.

“What do we do?” Mona asked.

“Abort,” Rock said in a low voice. “There’s nothing we can do now. In the morning we’ll send a team to sweep the depot. Rev shouldn’t be returning here now that we know he’s been hiding out here.”

“Is it wise to leave now?” Mona asked.

Rock sighed and paused before answering. “We won’t find them or anything else here,” he said. “Rev just wanted Gabe. That’s it.”


Gabriel watched from the window of the third floor home that Rev led him to. It seemed that the home had been abandoned some time ago. He saw from there the members of the Wolves back away and leave. Next to him was a small camera with an antenna perched to the back. It must have been feeding Rev the entire time.

“You led us to you,” Gabriel said. “Why?”

“For you, Gabriel Cogs,” Rev said. “I wanted to meet you and I couldn’t ask Sands’ new bosses at the Department of Paranormal Activity for the chance to talk. What an operation, by the way. So cleverly deceptive but not really.”

“So there’s no bomb?” Gabriel asked.

“I didn’t say that,” Rev said. “My boss would be very upset if he knew he’d been paying me for nothing.”

“Deskue,” Gabriel said. He had heard around that the DPA was looking into him as of late, but he had no idea terrorism was on his list of crimes.

“You’re smarted than you look,” Rev said. “When found out Sands found his latest test subject on a bus I figured you’d be stupid. Boy am I shocked that I can hold a conversation with you.”

“Mock all you want,” Gabriel said. “We’ll find that bomb and stop you and Deskue.”

“I’ve been to the other side,” Rev said changing his demeanor. “I am sure Sands told you of me and told you how he assisted in giving me this shiny new body, so he should’ve told you that I died before I brought myself back to what was left of myself.”

“He did,” Gabriel said with a coldness creeping up what was left of his spine.

“Thirty seconds, more or less,” Rev continued. “Each one seemed like an eternity. I didn’t get to see Hell or Eden. I simply saw. I saw the demons readying their war on Earth. I witnessed a history of this world that was clouded from our minds long ago. I saw the wars that led to the near extinction of man hundreds of years ago and I learned a truth that no man alive now knows. Do you wish to hear it?”

Gabriel felt his mouth go dry. He wanted the word not to spill from his mouth, but knew he couldn’t turn back now. “Yes,” he said.

Rev smiled. “The demons only finished what we ourselves started,” he said. “Our very humanity was stripped from us by giant conglomerates and corporations. Man is the evil of this world that brought forth the demon hoards that nearly decimated our species in the name of war on Eden. The wealthy ate and ate while everyone else starved. When the end came the wealthy his and used the poor to shield themselves from the apocalypse, but it didn’t work.

“The demons killed everyone in their path. Men, women, and children. When the poor were gone the cowardly wealthy greeted them with open arms and offered up their very souls so they would be spared. They learned that true evil spared no one. At this point in the story you should probably realize why the demons are coming back into our world again.”

Gabriel knew.

As he and countless others who got involved with The Post knew that the Warrior led his men against the demons and somehow won. When the task was done the Warrior (who Gabriel now knew was Archer Post) gave the world another chance through some kind of sacrifice. The reason the demons were creeping back was because the people of the earth had squandered the chance Post gave them. Instead of learning from their mistakes in the past they committed the same sins. The world was once again being stripped of its resources and humanity for the sake of the few. Men had allowed evil to creep into their lives once more.

Rev looked at Gabriel and nodded. “I can see it in your face that you understand,” he said. “Now you know why this city must be destroyed.”


Rock Judge, Mona, and the rest of the NMW that had gone with Gabriel returned to headquarters in near silence. Rock was greeted by an antsy Isaac Sands who was concerned for his friend.

“Where’s Gabe,” he asked. “Did not not come back with you?”

“He disappeared along with Rev,” Rock replied.

“Disappeared?” Sands said. “He’s alone with Rev? How do you know he’s even still alive?”

Rock took Sands by the shoulder and led him away from the rest of the crowd. “I don’t take any pride in leaving a man behind,” he said. “Gabe isn’t like the rest of us. We were led into a trap which means Gabe has something Rev needs. Right now all we can do is hope he can get out of there with as much information possible and come back to us in one piece.”

“Easy for you to say” Sands said. “I still don’t think you understand how unstable Rev really is.”


“I don’t have to do it alone,” Rev said. “I will rule above all that is left in this city. By my side you and I will be unstoppable.”

Gabriel said nothing. What Rev was proposing was mad, and Gabriel wanted no part of anyone death.

“What do you say?” Rev said again with his face looking grave.

“No,” Gabriel answered. He supposed he would be easier to say yes and save himself the wrath that as sure to come next.

“What did you say?” Rev said standing up.

“I refuse to help someone as mad and evil as you,” Gabriel said surprising himself with his bravery. “I will stop you if it takes every last breath I have in me, Dr. Revinovitch.”

“DO NOT CALL ME THAT!” Rev shouted rushing Gabriel. Before Gabriel could even thinking about dodging Rev’s knife-fingered hand was around his neck. “I should kill you for that,” Rev said with his face inches away from Gabriel’s.

With a quick thought Gabriel springs his hard-power shield from his left forearm and brief flux of energies repels Rev a step. Gabriel takes advantage of the opportunity and blasts Rev with a quick pulse shot from his right fist. Rev twists in the air and lands on the other side of the room. With a twang of the metal snapping into place Gabriel has it sword out and feeds the coil the power it needs to be his sword.

Rev gets off the ground laughing. “Those are new,” he said. “I suppose being the bastard son of mine wasn’t enough. They had to arm you like a fucking knight?” With no warning Rev blasted Gabriel with an energy burst from his own pulse cannon located on his left shoulder.

Gabriel was blasted through the wall of the house and landed his the side of one of the decommissioned trucks he hid behind earlier that night. He fell to the ground in a heap of smoke and dirt. The acrid smell of his burnt armor filled his nostrils. He heard something crackling and sizzling and looked up in horror to see Rev burning rows charred metal into the side of the truck as he slowly walked toward Gabriel.

“It was mistake coming to me, Gabriel Cogs,” Rev said. “You and I are kindred spirits. There is no reason we should be fighting.” Rev put a metal boot between Gabriel’s shoulder blades and shoved him into the dirt. Gabriel was able to get his arms under his chest, but it did nothing to help free him.

“We are not alike,” Gabriel said with a mouthful of dirt. “There’s one difference between you and I.”

“Oh yeah,” Rev said moving his red glowing claw above Gabriel’s head. “Tell me what that is before I tear your head from your body.”

“I won’t sit back and let the world burn!” Gabriel said letting loose with the biggest pulse blast he had ever dared directly into the ground under him. The blast shook the earth and Gabriel was thrown into the air and way from the missiles of rocks and pavement. He was vaguely aware of Rev being thrown in the opposite direction and bouncing off a truck.

When Gabriel landed on his back he quickly got to his feet and surveyed the wreckage for Rev. The earth around the ditch he created was scorched and tendrils of smoke still rose from the ground. Water sprayed from an underground pipe he must have hit. He looked over to where Rev hit the truck. There was a large dent and burn marks, but no sign of Rev anywhere. He turned and looked quickly in case of a sneak attack, but there was nothing. Rev had fled.

Gabriel looked down at his own body and noticed he had burned away a good amount of the armor Dr. Sands had designed. Luckily none of the damage was bad enough to get down tho his human core. Suddenly he heard the loud whirring of rotors and turned to see some kind of hovercraft lowering itself to his position.

The craft had two wings on either side that housed rotors and they turned up and down as its landing gears extended as it touched down with a slight bump. A compartment door opened underneath and Dr. Sands came running out with Rock Judge and his partner Mona walking behind.

“We came back as soon as we registered the blast,” Rock said looking over the damage. “What happened? Did you get him?”

“He got away,” Gabriel said with a sigh. He suddenly felt very tired.

“Thank Eden you’re alright,” Dr. Sands said giving a quick look over Gabriel’s chest where most of the damage was. “I’ll be able to repair most of the damage in a couple of days, but I’m just gad you’re still standing.”

“What about Rev?” Rock asked. “Did he tell you anything? Is there really a bomb or was this all some kind of game?”

“There is,” Gabriel said. “He plans on killing every man, woman, and child in New Millennium, and that’s only where he intends to begin.”


Ryan Hill sat up awake in his cell looking out the window at the stars. So much had happened since that day after work when he fell asleep and awoke to be some kind of criminal. They said he robbed a bank and shot some lady in the stomach. They even had tape of him committing these crimes even though he didn’t remember doing any of it. The only person that seemed to believe he was innocent was the lawyer sent over from the Judge corporation to try and get his story on paper. He said his boss believed he was framed for the crime but couldn’t say why.

He sighed and turned over in his bed. He knew he didn’t do the things they say he did, but he was starting to believe no matter what this lawyer said he’d be in this cell until the day he died.

Then there was the pair that had come in to ask him questions, though he didn’t remember the conversation or why he only remember one man coming and going. Then that same night there was the prison break that resulted in at least a dozen guards and a few inmates getting killed. They say that rip off artist Max Klennon was the only person missing, but there was no way he could’ve done all that himself, was there?

Ryan tried to close his eyes and force himself to sleep, but the acrid smell of burning electronics woke him up. He looked back towards the window and saw the smiling face of what appeared to be an old bald man coming out of a metal container of some kind.

“Sorry I’m late,” the old man said. “My last appointment went longer than I expected. I bring regards from your employer Leon Deskue.”

Ryan Hill cowered in fear as a metallic clawed hand ripped the barred window from the wall.


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