New Millennium – Chapter 1: Nilas Nil

Chapter 1
Nilas Nil

Killian stood on the rooftop of a skyscraper and looked over the city. The city of New Millennium rarely slept, but now all was quiet. He closed his yellow demon eyes and focused his mind. Killian was a psy-class demon born for the purpose of infiltration and assassination. He could kill as easily with his mind as he could with his black hooked sword. The wind stirred and his black frayed cloak blew ahead of him along with his shoulder length black hair. His skin was black by design to help him blend with the shadows. He was designed to be out of sight until he chose to be seen, and by then it would be too late.

Killian was a wanted demon. He had used to the timestream in Hell to escape and enter earth. Most demons were unable to locate the timestream let alone use it, but through meditation a psy-demon could do both. He had escaped and vowed to oppose the forces of those which created him, and for that they wanted him dead.

With a great leap Killian left the top of the building and glided on unseen wings on the wind. He was not able to fly, but his demonic powers granted him the ability to soar and glide. He found the rooftop he was looking for an quickly blended into the shadows. It was here he would finally begin. He would topple Deskue Industries and its crooked head or die trying.

The building on the opposite side of the park was where twenty eight year old Jonah Judge ran his business. He had inherited his company and most of what he had from his parents and uncles. The Judges were renowned throughout the world for being leaders in medicines and medical machinery. Jonah’s uncles and grandparents were very wise when it came to investing and the funds in Jonah’s various accounts grew every year.

But the secret of the Judge’s was not in stocks, funds, or medical equipment. The Judge family had been members of The Post for hundreds of years.

Jonah had returned to his office after spending much of the afternoon in his private dojos with his cousin Rock. There they trained in martial arts and fighting in preparation to save the world as said in the scriptures of The Post. It was a notion that was outdated and seen as silly my most people. It was seen as a fringe religion and cultish by those upper echelon who would mock Postism and its members.

The Judges had secretly funded many organizations that exemplified The Post’s teaching and preparation and vigilance was taught above all else. Jonah had taken a great interest funding and running the New Millennium Department of Paranormal Activity which employed many scientists, officers, and members of the Post that had the same beliefs. The other organization he took great interest in was the New Millennium Police Force where his cousin Rock worked. It ran the policing of New Millennium City as well as keeping a group of officers trained for heavy battle known as the New Millennium Wolves (which his cousin Rock was in charge of). The NMW was the group he would rely on when the day came where The Post would have need of them.

If the day ever came.

Jonah checked his messages, and found an urgent one from his friend Willow Bowman who he kept in frequent contact with these days. The department of paranormal activity has been coming across a lot of buzzings lately that evil had been creeping back into the world. He picked up his phone and dialed Willow’s number from memory (he secretly kept her private line number in his mind).

“Bowman here,” she said answering her phone on the first ring.

“Willow,” Jonah said. “It’s Jonah. I got your message. Is everything OK?”

“Yeah, Jonah,” Willow said. “Everything is great. We found him. After all this time we actually found him!”

“Who?” Jonah asked.

“The Post,” Willow said. “We found The Post!”

Jonah put his phone down and and sat back in disbelief.

Killian made his way to the bottom of the building and eyed the the way to the entrance. There were many people about, but he could sneak into the Deskue building if he only had a distraction. He quickly found a woman on her cellphone standing a block away from him. He extended his senses towards her and took over her mind.

“I’ll call you back,” the woman said under Killian’s power. She hung up the phone and dialed 911. “Hello? I’d like to report a fire. It’s at 450 York Plaza. Yes. The Deskue building.” The woman hung up her phone and Killian released her from his control and she said staring at her phone dazedly not knowing what had just happened.

Max Klennon quickly made his way across New Millennium City in his limo. Max was a small mousey man of about five foot two. He was going bald quickly in his forties and he wore thick round glasses. He was a rich man, but only because he had a knack of handling other people’s money; a fact that would prove his client’s downfall.

Max was wealthy due to his sneakiness. He took a percentage of what he made his clients, but it wasn’t enough to hold him to his current decadent lifestyle. For years he had forged reports and lied to his clients about where their money was. He held billions of their dollars in his own accounts or cash he had hidden in one of this various estates. He spent as he pleased and lived happily. In fact Max had everything he could ever desire. Well, almost everything.

Max needed more. He needed a rush. He needed to go further and do more than any other man ever could. He needed to have the ability to not only rule over his financial world, but also the world. Max decided the best place to start was New Millennium, and the best way to get what he wanted was the way he did everything else. Max Klennon made a deal.

“You have to offer of your own free will,” the man in black robes told Max over a month ago in front of the black altar in the small hidden church. Max had become aware of the underground church when a subsidiary of theirs asked him to invest their funds and keep them safe. Max’s bank account grew by five hundred million dollars that day.

“I, Max Klennon, hereby offer my body as a vessel to demonic presence,” Max said as he cut his hand. The candles in the dark room brightened as he finished the words. The priest in black didn’t give Max the words he said, but he thought they were appropriate enough. “And this will bring me power? The power to own and rule New Millennium?”

“I only give you the means,” the priest in black said. “We desire this city as well. If you can prove to be an asset to us you will remain in high standing when we rule. When we complete our rule the city will be yours.”

“How will I know when the demon is here?” Max asked.

“He already is,” the black priest said. Max was ushered back out into the dark street by two guards who said nothing to him as they closed the doors behind.

Are we close? the voice inside his head asked.

“Almost,” Max said quietly. The voice of the demon Nilas Nil spoke to him often from inside his own head, and Max feared it. “A couple of blocks and we’ll be at the Deskue building.”

Good, Nil said. I have great need to speak with Deskue.

Nilas Nil had very urgent business in New Millennium City. It had seemed a demon of great psychic power had escaped the confines of Hell and went rogue. Nilas was dispatched to kill this demon, but first he had to meet with Deskue first. Max knew who Deskue was. Most of the financial gurus in New Millennium did. He owned Deskue industries, and most people didn’t know what Deskue did, how he made his fortune, or how he came rule over the power grids in New Millennium City. Max figured he and Deskue were akin in a lot of ways.

The limo slowed to a stop and Nilas became impatient. Why are we not moving? he asked.

Max looked out the window and saw the flashing lights outside the Deskue building. “It appears there’s been a fire.”

Killian watched as the firemen poured out their trucks and ran into the Deskue building. He bided his time until the confusion was at it’s max and he changed his form. Changing his form wasn’t an easy task, but he had perfected it. His true form never actually changed, but he sent out another image that would shield anyone’s mind. Instead of Killian in his black cloaked demon form they would see whatever Killian told their minds to see. In this case they would see a fireman of Killian’s exact height and weight running into the building. The only ones who would be able to tell Killian’s true form would be those practiced in psychic abilities, so he would have to take great care to avoid Leon Deskue until he was ready to kill him.

Once Killian was in the building he changed his projected form of the fireman into that of one of the business men working late into the night. Most business was completed at this point in the day, but it seemed there was always a need for people at Deskue Inc. He walked the halls extending his presence. He briefly glimpsed the minds of the men and women in offices or walking through the halls. Although they were busy at work their minds registered little thought at all. It would seem Killian’s assumptions about the Deskue building and Leon Deskue were proving to be correct. He picked up his pace and made his way to the elevators where he would get closer to Deskue’s main office.

Max Klennon had to walk the rest of the way to the Deskue building, but it was better than waiting out the road block. The sooner Nil’s business was done here the better. He barely had to give his name when the dead-eyed receptionist directed him towards the private elevator that had opened before the receptionist had finished her sentence. This strange occurrence didn’t even get the slightest bit of recognition from the receptionist. It was if her mind was disconnected.

When the elevator completed its trip to the penthouse office it dinged open and Leon Deskue was standing outside the door. Max recognized him instantly from his photos in the financial papers. He was over six feet tall, broad chested, and had a messy tuft of grayish brown hair on top of his round balding head.

“Mr. Deskue,” Max said almost stumbling on the words. “Let me start by saying it’s an honor…”

“Hold your tongue, shyster,” Deskue said. “I believe my business is with Nilas Nil, and I have been expecting him for quite some time now. Step into my office, Mr. Klennon and introduce me to him. Once you are done my business with you is complete.”

Max silently stepped into Deskue’s huge office. It looked more like a lounge than an office. Max hated what came next. Nilas had only taken use of Max’s body twice before tonight but each time was excruciatingly painful. Max’s presence was pushed back into the confines of Nilas Nil’s mind and he wouldn’t be allowed back until Nil had use of him again.

Deskue stepped around to his big desk and took a seat eying Max over his folded hands. “Let Nilas out, Mr. Klennon,” he said.

Max’s world burned and he felt the pain as he body changed. His skin color changed from its normal pale whiteness to orange-red. His remaining hair fell out and felt as if it were ripped from his skull. His bones and muscles were broken and torn as he grew from five foot frame to over seven feet tall and full of hard muscles. With his face gone and replaced with Nil’s bone-masked face the transformation was complete. Max took his spot his the dark corner of Nil’s mind and went silent.

“Impressive,” Deskue said. “You are a fine specimen indeed.”

“Thank you, Deskue,” Nilas said. He voice was powerful and matched his body. His bone mask only extended as far down as his upper lip so he was able to use his mouth to speak. “I will not take up too much of your time.”

“Your time is mine,” Deskue said leaning back. “I am aware of your people’s presence in my city, and I wish to aid you in any way I can.”

“Since your time is mine I will try not to waste too much of it,” Nilas said.

Deskue sensed this demon was in a hurry to accomplish whatever he was here for. He could have plucked the information from the demon’s mind at his leisure, but decided to let him speak since he went through the trouble of coming all this way. “What is it I can do for you, Mr. Nil?”

“My mind,” Nilas said. “I need you to train my mind to block a telepath.”

Killian got as close as he dared to where Deskue was. He was able to sneak his way through the building via ventilation shafts to the room directly below Deskue’s office. He was able to steal a map of the building from a security guard’s mind. When he was in the office he listened intently above him with both his ears and his mind to see if Deskue was in there. He’d have a very slim chance of killing him before he’d be sensed.

He heard talking in the office, but he couldn’t quite pick up what was being said. He decided to extend his senses a little more towards the entity that wasn’t Deskue. He was able to pick up the aura of a demon before the voices went silent. Killian moved to make a quick exit, but it was too late.

The ceiling above him exploded above him and the orange-red demon fell through it in front of him. He was kicked strongly in the ribs and the world stirred when he hit the wall that was twenty feet behind him.

“Killian,” the demon said. “I thought it would take much longer to find you. I’m sure you know who I am.”

Killian used his senses to pull the name from the demon’s mind. He was able to get it before he was shut out once again. “Nilas Nil. The hunter. They sent you to find me?”

“Yes,” Nil said. “Find you and bring you back. If you put up a fight I have permission to end your life. I am hoping you fight.” A smile creeped over Nil’s face visible under his bone mask.

Deskue quickly entered the room from its main doors. “This is the demon you spoke of,” he said. It wasn’t a question.

“Yes,” Nil said. “He is weaker than me in a fight, but his mind is much stronger than mine.”

“I’m blocking his powers from you,” Deskue said. “Finish him off quickly and get him out of my sight.”

“With pleasure,” Nil said. His double bone blade came forth from the top of his forearm and extended three feet past his hand. He drove it towards Killian’s chest, but Killian was able to block with his black hooked blade and was able to hurl a handful of his black shurikens he had hidden within his cloak.

Nilas took a step back and chuckled at the pieces of black shrapnel that jutted from his chest. “Is that the best you have?” he said grabbing Killian by the throat. He locked eyes with his prey briefly before using his body to shatter the window.

Killian fell into the night but not far. His fall was broken when he hit the edge of Deskue’s large balcony. He was horrified to find what appeared to be a large metal spear jutting from his gut. He had fallen on a metal fence. He turned sharply and was able to break it free from the fencing, but before he could escape Nilas was once again in front of him.

“There’s no escape, Killian,” Nilas said stepping closer. His double bone blade was still extended from his left arm. He watched his prey intently and was shocked when Killian seemed to simply vanish spike and all. He heard Deskue running behind him panting as he made it from three stories within seconds.

“Not mere seconds,” Deskue said reading the thought from Nil’s mind. “You stood there transfixed as he got free and snuck away down the side of the building. When you leapt from the window and came down here the two of you were out of my range. You’d be staring at that spot for hours if I hadn’t come out here to break his trance.”

“The psy-demon Killian is a sneaky one,” Nilas said. “This is why I need your guidance, Deskue. The hunt will continue until I have his head.”

Jonah Judge made his way through the lobby of the Department of Paranormal Activity where he was met by his old friend Willow.

“I’m glad you could come on such short notice,” she said leading Jonah out out of the lobby and into steel elevator. He long curly brown hair was tied back from her slender body. “He really wanted to meet you.”

“Who?” Jonah asked still astonished at how quickly things had began to move.

“The Post,” Willow replied.

“The Post?” Jonah said. “The Post is just one man after all?” Jonah had always envisioned The Post as a large group of men and women who had spent their lives ridding the world of evil entities.

“I think it’s best if I let him explain it himself,” Willow said. The rest of the elevator trip was in silence.

When the elevator stopped Jonah stepped out and looked around at the familiar setting. “This is the detention area,” he said. “Has he been locked up?”

“No,” Willow said. “He didn’t have a home, so he’s been staying here. He really doesn’t mind it. He’s quite happy.” She led Jonah to a cell with an open door and stood aside to let him him.

The man sitting on the bed looked at Jonah as if sizing him up. He had dark black hair on his head that was cut short and a thick back beard on his chin and around his mouth. His bright blue eyes shown under his thick eyebrows. “Jonah Judge?” he asked.

“Yes,” Jonah said nervously. “I am Jonah Judge.”

“I am Archer Post,” the man in the cell said. “I have come to give you your birthright.” Post held out his sword to Jonah.

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