New Millennium – Prologue


The world didn’t end with a whisper. It ended with a roar.

The apocalypse began when an army of demons made their way to the earth and ravaged the lands and the people. The sun was dimmed behind the black clouds and the people gagged on poisonous air. Rivers ran red with the blood of the dead. Those that survived hid in constant fear in basement dwellings huddled together for warmth. Those that remained envied their loved ones that were vaporized by the white flashes when this war began.

Well, not everyone.

A band of men with extraordinary powers and abilities rose from the ashes to stage one last stand against the evil ones. Together these gifted men and women gathered up all who would fight and they fought hard and brave. As one they pushed back the forces of evil, destroyed the portal from Hell, and won back the earth.

The man that led the charges was Archer Post. He was born a man of earth, but in the time of apocalypse he was clad in silver-white armor and wielded a sword said to possess the soul of an Archangel. The sword gave Archer the ability to destroy evil and protect the people he cared about. Every demon he cut down was turned to ash. It was with this sword in hand he was able to lead the people of earth to victory.

In the end the decision to end the reign of man on earth fell on Archer. The earth was destroyed. Even before the fires of Hell were unleashed this world had become a zest pool of war and decadence. The greed of the powerful had led to the raping of many peoples. The wealthy sucked their own people dry and warred with the world for their own financial gain. Those who were in their wake would steal and kill and riot. Justifying their crime by claiming it was the fault of the upper echelon. The great sin of man’s greed was the spark that caused this great war, and Archer did not doubt it for a minute.

Before it was over Archer decided that man deserved another chance. Perhaps the few that remained alive would learn from the sins of the past. Archer stabbed his sword into the earth and lent it its awesome power. The white light destroyed the portal before the Hellfires could consume the entire world, and everything was finally still and quiet. With his task completed Archer Post said goodbye to his friends and slept deep underground.

That was five hundred years ago.

In the five hundred years since Archer Post was able to quell the forces of evil and stop the apocalypse from happening the earth had begun to heal. The power Post had given to the earth greatly accelerated the healing and the people once again began settlements and begun to once again populate the earth. Rivers and lakes went back to their original blue water state. The blackened clouds had dissipated and the sun shone through clear blue skies once again. Before long people were learning again through whatever books and texts they could find. Electricity was able to be produced for the first of the cities that were rebuilt. Technology long thought forgotten was able to be recreated. The ashes of Armageddon had been cleared and the world turned anew.

But evil was once again allowed to seep back into the world.

Utilities and technology once again fueled the greed of men and women. Those who owned the power grids became barons of power and their children and their children’s children lusted after money, things, and people. The quick advancement in technology led to men fighting one another for control of devices, resources, and old texts on how these things worked. This soon turned to great weapons being built. Wars raged again. People learned to hate again. The greed of men once again ruled above all else. The world was once again turning towards its apocalypse.

And nobody knew this more than the Black Priest Jano Xing.

Xing sat in his huge throne. He was not the leader of Hell’s armies, but he was respected by all the demons and forces of evil. He had been around when the portals to Hell were ripped open and the demon armies nearly destroyed the planet. He had been successful in staying safe and hidden all this time. He waited for the scales to once again tip, and was rewarded after five centuries of boredom. Now he was joined by Kasayda Kiz, a shape shifting demoness who he had recently summoned with the use of much of his dark magic. The summoning nearly killed him, but the dark magic was once again building up within him. Some fresh demon’s blood was needed.

“It has been long since I have communicated with any of the higher demons,” Xing said addressing a kneeling Kiz. In her true form her skin was pale white, her eyes blood red, and her long hair was coarse and black. She wore a black leather corset, pants, and boots up to her knees. “What do they say about this earth?”

Kasayda Kiz stood up and looked at Xing. Although he appeared as an old man with his long gray hair and beard she knew what lurked underneath. Xing wasn’t a demon like her, but a Black Priest of the earth. He was born human, but partook in the blood of a demon and was granted use of the dark powers that are normally reserved for the demon sorcerers. Most humans would die a horrid death if this was attempted, but Xing was special and could control these dark forces unlike any human had done before him. He was likely better than most demon sorcerers and witches as well. For this Kasayda payed great respect.

“You honor me with your summons, Father Xing,” she said. “The opinion in Hell is the same as the one that comes from your own lips. There are few others positioned throughout the earth as we speak and many more that would wish to come through.”

“In time,” Xing said stroking his gray beard. “Our power on earth is still weak, but it grows stronger and stronger every day. The greed and hatred of men has once again given birth to the power source we need. In time we will have enough power to open the portal anew.”

“We do not know where the portal was,” Kiz said. “But there is a large consensus of high demons that believe you do since you were there.”

“This is true,” Xing said smiling showing his pointed teeth. “The humans unknowingly built a city around it,” Jano Xing chuckled as Kasayda observed him. “The fools. The portal exists in the center of New Millennium City!”

Deep below New Millennium City a red light began to flash.

Willow Bowman, head of the NMDPA (New Millennium Department of Paranormal Activity) was charged with following the beacon. Her task was handed down to her via a very old text that described how to assemble a device that would alert them when they should begin their search and where they should look. Two days ago she received the alert.

“Don’t they have any lights down here?” Jacks asked beside her. They had entered the underground facility through what looked like an old elevator shaft. Before that they had to traverse several hundred feet of ancient sewers to find the building that had been sunken into the ground during the war five hundred years ago. Jacks’ gun was held in front of him and the flashlight attached to it shone a beam of light on all the ancient technology long forgotten.

“We’ll have to send a team back down here to collect this stuff. Dr. Sands would love to get his hands on all this old technology,” Willow said ignoring Jack.

“Do you have any idea what we’re looking for?” Collier asked. He was another of the five men Willow had brought with her. Collier also held his gun in front of him. Willow didn’t believe there’d be anything trying to kill them here, but it’s always better to be cautious. This is something her and her division had learned the hard way many times throughout the years.

“I don’t know,” Willow said. “I’ll know when I see…” A blinking red light caught Willow’s eye. She moved towards the light stepping over wires and various broken down machinery. Under the red light she found a round cylindric chamber covered in frost that looked around ten feet in length. She brushed some frost away from the glass front. Her mouth opened and she took a few step backs and nearly tripped over some object that strewn about and was held steady by Collier’s hand.

“What is it?” Collier asked.

“There’s a man in there,” she said. “And he’s holding a sword.”

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