Thanks for Askharoth and the future!

I wanted to take this opportunity to everyone that took the time that read Askharoth and to those who plan on it (I got a lot of messages on Twitter that said you were waiting for a complete story. I want to especially thank those of you that gave me feedback and helped me with some of the details (especially you again, Kiz). It was a fun story to write and I am glad you liked it.

What’s in story for my future? I’ve started my fan fiction spoof episode of Mad Men entitled Fly Me To The Moon. That shouldn’t take too long and I’ll probably post a prelude to keep the continually nuts from bitching about the fact that time wise it makes no sense. But what the fuck, right?

I’ve started mapping out my next epic New Millennium which is something I wrote in my head years ago but never put to paper (and yes there are sequels if this one turns out well). This is more of an ensemble type store than Askharoth and will focus on a handful of heroes as they battle the beginning of a new wave of demons bent on Armageddon. But I won’t give away too much yet.

To wet your mental vaginas here are some of the titles of stuff I want to write too. There’s no reason for this other than me looking for something to type while I punish my daughter who was bad at dinner tonight.

New Millennium
Roland Hawthorne
Class of 2057

Thanks for reading my ramblings. Go read Askharoth if you haven’t. If it sucks let me know and I’ll shut the fuck up about it.

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