Dedicated to….

I have to give a dedication to someone that helped me out a lot. Well, I don’t have to do anything, but I feel compelled to. So that being said, I’d like to dedicated the short story Desperately Seeking Shemale to Kiz (aka @Kizisbomb on Twitter).
Not only did Kiz read the story as I posted it (anxiously awaiting each part in turn) but she gave me sound advice and words of encouragement along the way. I’ve said before on this blog that I haven’t written much of anything in a long long time, so it was good to have someone to push me in the right direction. I also joke with her that she was the inspiration.

What came of her pushing me to not only write this but to finish the story (let’s face it…. That ending was hard to write) was reigniting this hobby of mine. I enjoyed writing like this… I am unapologetic for the vulgarity and lewdness of some parts, but that’s how it is. I liked the responses I’ve gotten for Shemale so far, and I’ve already started on my epic “Askharoth” (coming soon). I hope some fans of Shemale stick around it.

Kiz also helped by praising and plugging the story every chance she got. Even praising it to the masses on The Hobo Shack podcast (@TheHoboShack). So most of the hits are honestly from her.

So thank you, Kiz (whose real name I obviously don’t know) for every reason I’ve listed and then some.

Also, Kiz is a hell of a writer herself. I’ve enjoyed her many short stories about sex, gore, and relationships (involving sex & gore). Check her stuff out at

P.S. I do want to mention one more person before I move on from my “Budgie had a vagina” fest. A guy who goes by the name of Lou Scunt (@imahandyguy on Twitter) gave me some good advice too. He also gave me a better analysis of Desperately Seeking Shemale than I could’ve done (even though I’m the one that wrote the fucking thing!). So thank you too, Mr. Scunt. Whoever you actually are.

P.P.S. Also thanks to everyone who did take the time to read this story as well. I enjoyed all your feedback via Twitter (@Buzzquotes). I even enjoyed the praises that ended with “no homo”.

-Budgie B.

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