Young Cinderella

Outline 1 is in the book. Literally. Actually it’s a series of sticky notes stuck into a page in my drawing pad outlining the events in what I’m calling the “Young Cinderella” portion of my epic “Askharoth”. Since the story isn’t told in chronological order these sections will be scattered throughout my story.
Did I mention this story is narrated by the evil and manipulative demon Askharoth? Askharoth who’s sole mission is to cause Cinderella and Prince Henry to fall in love and fulfill a prophecy of Great War using their child? That Askharoth is a crazy guy!


Fuck. I honestly have no idea. The Young Cinderella portion will take me from The Demon Askharoth’s beginning of his adventure and up to the ball he sends Cinderella off to.
Next up I’ll be outlining the second piece of the story (that will also appear out of order): Queen Cinderlla.

And thanks to my friend Liz who I’ll be harassing a lot more in days to come for more of her creative input. 🙂

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