On Writing

Yeah. I stole that title from Stephen King. Fuck you.

That being said, I haven’t written a thing since 1995 in an accutane induced depression. My stories were morbid, my characters were shallow, and everyone seemed to speak in sarcasm.
I came up with a couple of stories recently (on top of the many comic books in my brain). One is about Spider-man (yeah I know) and one inspired by the 300 times my daughter has made me sit through Cinderella. The one I’m trying to pull out of my head is the latter.

The story is told in 4 parts, and jumps back and forth in time. My first challenge is outlining the chapter layout and figuring out what goes where. I may have bit off more than I can chew… I’ll have to take smaller bites.

I plan on posting this online for the few people who expressed interest in reading it. Hopefully I can find someone to help me put this together or at the very least proofread and help with my grammatical errors and syntax.

I think I spewed enough nonsense for now. I’m hoping I can pull this together and not just blow smoke up everyone’s ass (including my own) about putting this story out. If anyone thinks they can help me along I’m open to advice.


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