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Budgie Bigelow is an independent author based in New Haven, CT. He’s written ten books to date, and are available from Amazon in electronic or paperback form.

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Want to find out what’s on Budgie’s mind? Check out his journal and read his latest entries!

Budgie’s Journal


New books in Paperback!

Blood Drive, Freedom Land da’ Movie 2 in Space, Dusk Volume 2, and Askharoth!

Check out the Books page for links and previews:

Budgie’s Books


By popular demand: here’s Budgie’s Writing Tips post:

Budgie’s Writing Tips

You may also like this piece on world-building:

Where Does the Poop Go?


The Trumps

Join Donald, the patriarch of his family and president of the Neighborhood Association, as he lives his life, casting a huge shadow for everyone else in his life.

Season 1:

Meet the Trumps
Two Pences, None the Richer
Sensual Misconduct
Mint Jared (because he’s on the lamb)
The Ballad of Rover Trump
Donald, Uninvited
Nepotism: America’s Favorite Pastime
Donald VS The Fake News
Melania is Missing
All Huge Things Must Come to an End


Freedom Lane

Freedom Lane is a sitcom in short story form about two elderly lesbians who adopt a troubled black child named Da’Quarius. Set in New Haven Connecticut, Freedom Lane follows the lives of new parents Rose & Helen Masters, young Da’Quarius, & pizzeria owner Uncle Paulie.

1: Miss Cake
2: Tony and the Country Club
3: Rose the Cam
4: P***y Phlegm
5: Da’Quarius Needs to Read
6: Paulie for Mayor

Freedom Lane Seasons 1-13

Listen to the Freedom Lane theme song by Daniel Civitella!


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