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In mid-April of 2017, Budgie decided to take a step back from everything. He took a left from social media to focus on life and his writing. He started blowing and journaling more, posting entries in what’s called “Budgie’s Journal”.
Click the link below to see the latest and past entries.

Budgie’s Journal


As Daylight dies, the world revels in its dusk.

What awaits as the sun dips below the horizon? A woman faces the monster from her past. A teenage boy is gifted the perfect killing machine. An ancient demon longs to break free from its prison within another’s flesh. A man travels through his own memories to save the woman he once loved. A man dines with a malevolent yet gracious demon, playing a game of verbal chess with more than just his life on the line.

Deceit, revenge, dark comedy, bloodshed, and glory are all present in the stories contained within this collection. Visit a world that exists parallel to our own, see the memories contained within a demented mind, and enter a version of America decimated by demonic forces.

Budgie Bigelow returns with his second collection of short fiction, bringing you deeper into the world of his imagination. Enter a dark circus of macabre delights, where demons walk the streets, time is a malleable construct, and death is merely a doorway. Do you dare look to see what’s behind the sun as it sets toward the west?

Get Dusk, Volume 2 now for Amazon Kindle. Coming soon in paperback!
Click here for Dusk, Volume 2!

Help Ari, a little girl who lost her mom to cancer, go to college and get a great collection of stories, poetry, and artwork at the same time. It’s also the only place to find my four part epic “Dragonfly”; my own tribute to the late Joanna Mace.
Pick up Valentines for Doomy 2 on Amazon!

Valentines for Doomy 2 on

Now available:

What happens when two vampires with a van of stolen blood, their werewolf bodyguard, and an armed and dangerous priest try to make their way across America?

You get Blood Drive, the latest book by Budgie Bigelow.

Now available for Amazon Kindle. Coming soon in paperback!

Click here to get Blood Drive!

More Ebooks by Budgie Bigelow

By popular demand: here’s the sticky link to Budgie’s Writing Tips post:
Budgie’s Writing Tips


Latest Stories:

Blood Drive: Interview with Some Vampires
Killing Taylor Swift
Ant-Head: A Love Story – Prologue
The Disney Triple Feature

Latest Blog Posts:

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Cover Reveal – The Fortress on the Lake
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Valentines for Doomy 2


Freedom Lane


A sitcom about two elderly lesbians who adopt an troubled black child named Da’Quarius. Set in New Haven CT, Freedom Lane follows the lives of new parents Rose & Helen Masters, young Da’Quarius, & Uncle Paulie.

Season 12:
The Bingo Hall Death Pool
The Thing About Chet
Cousin Silvio
Special: Helen Punches a Nazi
The Spectacular Helena
Tony Loses his Left Nut
Da’Quarius Sees a Gynocologist

Freedom Lane Seasons 1-10

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