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Help Budgie Bigelow and the Summer of Freedom Lane!

Budgie is asking for your help. Read the Summer of Freedom Lane post to find out what you can do.

The Summer of Freedom Lane


Welcome to Budgie Home of more Budgie than you ever thought imaginable.

Check the menu. You’ll find links to my ebooks for sale on Amazon, short stories, Freedom Lane, fan fiction, and a few epics. Check out the links page for a list of my partners in crime.

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Now available: Freedon Lane da’Movie


We’re kicking off the Summer of Freedon Lane with Freedom Lane: da’ Movie. All your favorite characters are here, embarking on their most exciting and funniest adventure to date! Grab some popcorn and head over to Amazon to download this gem.

Download Freedom Lane da’ Movie for your Kindle device!

See the teaser!

See the full preview!

More Ebooks by Budgie Bigelow


Latest Stories:

Rick’s Tale; an incredible true story


Doctor Dickpique

Mix N’ Match

Heathcliff vs Garfield: Dawn of Catnip

Dinner With a Demon

Latest Blog Posts:

Freedom Lane da’ Movie Preview

The Summer of Freedom Lane

Budgie’s Writing Tips

What happens when the guy who helps everyone needs help? The Vagabond Saints story.

Mediterrania Preview


Freedom Lane


A sitcom about two elderly lesbians who adopt an troubled black child named Da’Quarius. Set in New Haven CT, Freedom Lane follows the lives of new parents Rose & Helen Masters, young Da’Quarius, & Uncle Paulie.

Season 8 now airing every Tuesday night during the Summer of Freedom Lane:

Season 8:

Episode 1: Decent Proposal

Episode 2: Elderly Fight Club

Episode 3: Da’Quarius Gets Whacked

Special: Freedom Lane UK

Episode 4: Hands Only

Episode 5: WOMANHUNTERS: The Sequel to WOMANHUNT

Series 8 Finale: Everything Changes

Summer’s End Special

Freedom Lane Seasons 1-7


For Hammy


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